Venus and the social media drinking craze ‘neknominate’


Thousands of videos of people skolling drinks and nominating a friend to do the same have cropped up on Youtube and Facebook recently under the ubiquitous hashtag #neknominate. Here, we take a look to the role of the Planet Venus – Shukra and this social media phenomenon.

Social media pages called “Best Neknominate Video’s” [sic]’ feature videos of people skolling everything from beer to bottles of vodka, bourbon and other spirits in a matter of seconds. Some videos feature risky behaviour including drinking while driving, jumping off roofs and drinking while swimming. Other videos audaciously show behaviour drinking alcohol after it has flowed over the excretory organs. Binge drinking alone is harmful; drinking via the body’s excreta organs is foolhardy.

The sugar content of your favourite alcoholic beverage just may surprise you. Alcohol can be a significant source of calories and carbohydrates. Alcohol can have a confusing effect on blood sugar levels because it prevents the liver from producing glucose. One consequence of this is that hypoglycaemia can occur after a night of drinking.

Planet Venus (known as Shukra) is the dispositor for all pleasures – particularly addictive pleasures – and Venus is also the Lord of Sugar. Venus also rules drugs and alcohol. If Venus is afflicted in the birth chart or in gochara, transit Venus can over-do the natural pleasures which can result in addictions of any kind, including drug addictions, binge-drinking and alcoholism.

If Venus be conjunct (in the same house or sign) with either of Rahu or Ketu, then this will instigate attraction to obsessive/compulsive sensual behaviour. Addictive tendencies are enhanced but not assured. One has to take action to satisfy perceived desires. Due the effect of both Rahu and Ketu magnifying the energy of any sign it occupies, or planet it is conjunct with, things can go very quickly from enjoyment to substance abuse to long-term addiction.

When Venus gains power in any house or sign, there is a long-term tendency to prefer sensual ease and pleasure, to the exclusion of the business of the weaker planets. One feels a sense of entitlement to pleasure and a love of extremes. Addictive substances include beautiful partners (objects of desire), precious wines, magnificent diamonds, anything that is sought for its own sake in order to bring pleasure to that person.

Discernment is Needed

Mercury is karaka for communications and Saturn is karaka for IT and computer technology. Mercury takes the energy of the planets it is associated with; drishti (glances) from Mercury (planet or lord) and aspects from Saturn as planet or lord are likely to be involved in social media phenomena.

Drinking to excess and participating in risky behaviour is abandonment of the human state. Drinking alcohol is best done responsibly. A person can discern their limits – especially with respect to drink-driving – and stop when the limit is reached. A person may then savour and relish their enjoyment that has boundaries that protect the self.

Drinking beyond boundaries is self-abuse. Peer validation via risky, destructive behaviour which is plain and simple self-abuse along attention seeking behaviour are not acts nor states which give dignity to any person. In fact, they detract from the dignity of the human. Discernment is needed where responsible recreational drinking is involved. Lack of discernment and imbibing to excess destroys the inner faculties.


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