Reflections on a solar eclipse

2012 Solar Eclipse

On 13 November 2012 (or 14 November 2012 – depending on what part of the world you were in and when the Sun came up) there was a total solar eclipse, starting in Australia and stretching across the Pacific Ocean toward the coastline of South America. Very few places on the Earth witnessed this eclipse.

representation of eclipse path

This solar eclipse began in the Northern Territory of Australia (Arnhem Land). Arnhem land is a reserved space – it is land that belongs to the aboriginal tribes of the region – the Yolngu nation and other aboriginal nations. The path of totality moved from Arnhem Land across the Gulf of Carpentaria to a land path between Port Douglas and Cairns, then across the Pacific Ocean to Hawaii and then on toward (but not reaching) the coast of South America.

Aspects of Vedic Astrology and this Eclipse

When the eclipse began in Arnhem land, Australia:

  • Saturn in Swati Nakshatra, 10° 38 Swati, and exalted.
  • The Ascendant was in Libra, 14° 37 Swati Nakshatra, and
  • the Moon was 26° 25 Vishaka Nakshatra, neutral and in a state of combustion
  • the eclipsed Sun was debilitated in Libra (its place of fall) 27° 47 Vishaka Nakshatra
  • .

Normally encounted as a first-class maelific, Saturn was on this occasion benefic at the time of eclipse beginning, and exalted.

In the next house, Scorpio, Mercury was retrograde and within 15 degrees of the Sun, and therefore in a state of combustion. Mercury is in Anurada Nakshatra.

In the next house, Sagittarius, Mars is 3° 26 in Moola Nakshatra. Saturn is aspecting Mars.

Looking more deeply at the beginning of this eclipse, there is a bit of a surprise. We have Sani (Saturn), Rahu and Mercury in adjacent houses. Saturn is exalted in Libra, Rahu is debilitated in Scorpio, and conjunct Mercury, who is in Anurada Nakshatra, ruled by Saturn. The guide to understanding Rahu is Sani vat Rahu (Rahu behaves like Saturn) and to top it off, Mercury takes the character of the sign it is conjunct with. In other words, Mercury is emitting a bit of Saturn-like energy.

imago eclipse melbournesis

In this chart it is appears that there are three (signs) (representatives) (drivers) of the energy of Saturn, Saturn itself, then Rahu (Sani vat Rahu), and then Mercury conjunct Rahu in Scorpio, ruled by Saturn in the Nakshatra. All a bit too much Saturn-like, yes?

The next surprise is that at the time of eclipse beginning, these planets and nodes were the only benefics…

Arnhem Land eclipse beginning

To have first class malefics running benefic and delivering benefice to Mercury at the beginning of the eclipse reveals that the positive characteristics, energies and stewardship of these planets are the deliverers of this eclipse. This eclipse contains a specific boon to humankind. What is this boon?

To find out about this boon, we need to look to Mars in this eclipse.

When the eclipse arrived at Maui, Hawaii, Mars was in 3° 26 Moola, and the Ascendant was 07 degrees 34 Moola in Sagittarius. Both Mars and the Ascendant are in the first part (or just over the first part) of Sagittarius. It is at this point, the eclipsed Sun and Mars are benefic.

Arnhem Land eclipse beginning

Mars is in Moola – Moola means roots, the place of beginnings – and it is thought, by many astrologers – that Moola, the Nakshatra which begins in Sagittarius – contains the energy which comes from the Central Sun of this galaxy – thought to be in the Milky Way, in the constellation known as Sagittarius A. Sagittarius A is a super-massive black hole. This is placed in the middle – 6 degrees 40 in Sagittarius (Dhanista), by astrologers. Central Sun of the Subtle Universe is linked to at this point.

Earlier we suggested a boon is being given to mankind in the delivery of this eclipse, and that Mars (and in Maui, Hawaii — the Ascendant also) is aligned with the Galactic Centre suggests that an energy is being delivered through the agency of Mercury, Rahu, Saturn to Mars, the dispositor of energy to humankind.

That Rahu (who produces spiritual warriors), Mercury (intellect, learning, deliverer of boons from the Divine) and Saturn (dispositor of discrimination) are all involved, suggests that the Male Spiritual Warrior energy – here represented by Mars – especially at Maui, on the dragon serpent path – under the guidance of Ketu – South Node, is being balanced with the feminine.

Ketu, Moola, and Pornography

Something else has to be remembered here with Ketu – Ketu is dispositor of mass energies, mass movements, vast energies that affect the human mind in many different soul groups – i.e., different countries; Ketu is dispositing something new. What is it?

Look to the Nakshatra called Moola which Ketu is Lord of. Moola is beginnings, new beginnings, and part of that process of beginnings is that past proclivities are stripped off. Moola is motivated by kama, passion for carnal indulgence. With the balance coming to the male spiritual warrior (the injection of the feminine energies referred to above) carnal desires and cravings are stripped away. These are not expressions of masculinity, but rather, of man’s lower nature driven by the animal part lurking within. Mankind is perfectly capable of behaving like an animal in human form. When Mankind is guided by his or her higher nature and acts accordingly, then true humanness can be said to exist. Then, we have human beings in human form. Ketu delivers that spark of ignition to the consciousness within, generating internal conflict, and seeking of a higher nature, seeking a way out of the darkness. This is the function Ketu has with all nakshatras it is Lord of; it generates the ignition needed to live and function and make decisions on a higher level of human consciousness. Man must move from conscious to conscience and then to consciousness.

In this wise, the nature of action is transformed, when the nature of consciousness changes. vikarma (action undertaken on the basis of desire) becomes sathkarma (action undertaken on the basis of truth). Ketu is participating in the disposition of these new energies (note Kuja vat Ketu – meaning Ketu behaves like Mars) … as new frequencies, new vibrations are coming from the Galactic Centre, steered by Saturn, Rahu and delivered via Mercury, Ketu is stripping off the pornography.

Humankind no longer needs these carnal drives depicting the body as the seat of passions or source of satisfying indulgent appetites; although fleshly — and for some — sensual, the body is the host for the soul. Humankind are divine spirits having a human experience, souls encased with a body. Ketu is cooperating with the deliveries of frequencies, vibrations, energies in order to facilitate the pursuit of the purusharthas, the goals of life, on a higher level. Everything will be radiating at a higher level, due the planetary-wide capacity of Ketu, dispositing mass energies. No more porn, soon.

  • Jupiter is Lord of Sagittarius, and is teacher of higher spiritual knowledge
  • Ketu (karmic container and dispositor of liberation) is Lord of Moola
  • Moola commences the sattvic drive – that which is pure action, cleansed of laziness and passionate impulses.
  • Mars is in the pada (segment) ruled by Venus – the Planetary Deity who distributes understanding, happiness and harmony to all.
  • the Ascendant is in the pada (segment) ruled by Mercury, fast thinker, intelligent, messenger of the Gods.

The Male Spiritual Warrior is moving towards balance.


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