A Note on Eclipses


Mid April of 2004 is a time when the Solar New Year is immediately followed by a lunar eclipse; 14 days later there will be a solar eclipse. The day of the lunar eclipse is also the festival of Hanuman - the first Star-being who over-sighted this planet (and cared for it) and also the Varnara who served Lord Rama, the one who loved God the most. Between these eclipses, the Cardinal Grand Cross will occur in the heavens. These are significant events accompanying the return of the 4th Dimension. In this post, we will take a look at the importance of this Solar New Year, the significance of Hanuman immediately following, and give some astrological observations about eclipses.

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Reflections on Rahu Part II

Rahu – North Node of Moon

Idol of Rahu at Sri Someshvara Temple

Om nakadwajaaya vidmahe
padma hastaaya dheemahi
tanno rahu prachodayat

The myth encompassing Rahu and Ketu illustrate the divine design – energy is blocked when Rahu and Ketu bedim the Sun and Moon. Both eclipses and conjunctions with Rahu, the North Node, obstruct, negate and liberate energy within. The two nodes are points of energy wherein the combinations and recombinations of planetary forces are transformed: for good or ill. The nodes both magnify the energy of any planet they are associated or conjunct with. However, with the inbreaking of the Golden Age and the uptake of the 4th Dimension, these nodes and their role is to augment, supplant, release and reactivate the energy within. It may also be the role of Rahu and Ketu to re-activate the so-called Junk DNA within.

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Rahu-Ketu Transit and the Gunas


Very shortly after the opening of the 4th Dimension and the return of the Earth to this — and higher dimensions in our solar system — a small, invisible, transition among the shadowy planets will take place. Shadowy planets — called chaaya grahas — are not seen. They are points of magnetic force which have impact in our solar system and on our Earth. Our bodies are woven from light itself, from the very source of light (called Paramjyothi in Vedic literature). We are in fact the light of the Source and the mask of illusion, called Maya, causes us to see this world as real. In fact everything that happens in this world and in our lives on Earth are taking place in light. So we look to the light and its role in our lives.

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Reflections on a solar eclipse

2012 Solar Eclipse

On 13 November 2012 (or 14 November 2012 – depending on what part of the world you were in and when the Sun came up) there was a total solar eclipse, starting in Australia and stretching across the Pacific Ocean toward the coastline of South America. Very few places on the Earth witnessed this eclipse.

representation of eclipse path

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