108 Names of the Sun: Surya Ashtottara Shatanamavali #21

Om Susilaya Namaha, Salutations to the One who is sweet natured, virtuous, of good character. Sushila indicates virtue, and the foundation of virtue in the human person is excellence of character. Character comprises three elements, what is thought, said and done. Excellence of character, virtue, is purity of thoughts, words and actions.

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Note on Hayagreeva

Hayagreeva with consort Lakshmi

Hayagreeva Jayanthi looms on the morrow, so we look to the significance of Hayagreeva for Jyothish, the science of light within the human. The giving of the Vedas to Brahma is the giving of light to prakriti, nature. Therein we look to the significance of the avatar Hayagreeva for jyothisha. Astrologers ever seek to give accurate messages to those who seek their services and the need for purity in thought, word and action is examined, along with the purity of knowledge within which is granted by Lord Hayagreeva.

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