Juno arrives at Jupiter

junojupiterAstronomers and scientists are excited: Juno will reach Jupiter at lunchtime on July 5 (AEST) having travelled almost 3 billion km in 5 years. Jupiter is like a time capsule of the early solar system – its inner structure will reveal how planets form. During 37 orbits Juno will study the planet’s structure, gravity and magnetic field. Looking at this event from Vedic Astrology suggests that the visit of Juno to Jupiter will present profound transformation for understanding life on Earth.
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Note on Hayagreeva

Hayagreeva with consort Lakshmi

Hayagreeva Jayanthi looms on the morrow, so we look to the significance of Hayagreeva for Jyothish, the science of light within the human. The giving of the Vedas to Brahma is the giving of light to prakriti, nature. Therein we look to the significance of the avatar Hayagreeva for jyothisha. Astrologers ever seek to give accurate messages to those who seek their services and the need for purity in thought, word and action is examined, along with the purity of knowledge within which is granted by Lord Hayagreeva.

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Astrology and the Soul Blueprint

Astrology and the Spiritual Path

Life is based on light; all life comes from the Central Sun of all the Universes, the Creative Source of All. Astrology provides a map of where the light is allocated to every major segment of your life: there are twelve important domains of human life with its many inter-relations: your body, wealth, siblings, your family and children. You will have those in your life who oppose you or disagree with you; your health is all important, as is your life partner. You have an education, you have vulnerabilities, gains and losses, these are all parts of your life.

Astrology provides a map of your soul’s path in this body, at this time. Your soul has a blue-print of the path you will take, the people you will meet, with whom you will grow up, and those who you fight with, and those who you fall in love with. As you are a soul – a spiritual being – you are having a human experience, a physical experience wherein you are birthed into a family and experience the love and warmth of family. You are a spiritual being on a path called human life; it is a spiritual path to a spiritual goal. Astrology, then, is a spiritual map of your soul’s choices, learnings and experiences chosen for this lifetime. It can also show achievements and learning of past lives, and what is to be learned in this life.

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