Solar New Year, 2021

UluruThe Solar New Year in Vedanga occurs when the Sun enters Aries. This has various calculations, depending on where one lives in India and which calendar is in force. For many, it is Ugadi, or the day before, or the day after. We will take the day after Ugadi (when the Sun enters Aries at Uluru), which we have been advised, is now raised to the 5th Dimension.

The 5th Dimension – we have written about (the shift) and the experience at Uluru. Hundreds of light-workers were there; millions around the planet were focussed on this place in the Spirit. The raising of the Earth and all its life-forms to a higher dimension has effects on the mind, the body, the spirit and the external environment. A year of pandemic, and now, another year of pandemic and vaccination. A year of vaccination hesitancy due fake news and misreporting of the truth is upon us. We must keep in mind, sathyam moolam jagat, truth is the basis of the Universe.

When we look at the Solar New Year as it happens at Uluru, the ascendant is in Pisces with Mercury, and the Sun is in Aries with Venus and the Moon. Rahu and Mars occupy Taurus. Mercury is debilitated in Pisces, so the year long significations of Mercury suggest challenges with truth, social media spreading misinformation and causing distress for many. Pisces likes to spread hope, and Mercury weakly repeating information that does not lift us up has us turning to Saturn, who is aspecting Mercury, and urging caution and some reflection on the information that is transmitted.

A debilitated, weak Mercury warns us not to take in information uncritically. We have common sense, we have spiritual common sense. Apply both to any news or social media that causes emotional reaction of any kind.

In the second house, we find Sun with Venus and Moon. Venus is close to the Sun and exhausted due combustion. We may feel burnt out, we may feel short on love and affection for others, we may feel disaffected – that is a good word for an exhausted Venus – we may feel disaffected with those we love, with that we have a liking for. We may get into ignoring people, things, events, and taking up the casual TL:DR (too long, didn’t read) with the objects of our love and affection. Being disaffected and distracted is fine, so long as we recognise this impacts us (and not the people we love and care for), and we don’t hit people over the head (or cut them out of our life) with disaffection.

The Moon is there in the second house with Sun and Venus. When the Moon is within 60° of the Sun, it is malefic. When the Moon is between malefic planets – sandwiched between Venus and Rahu – we say papa-ketari is the condition, and the effect is felt in the mind: boxed in, trapped, pinned down, snared. As you know, the Moon is the presiding deity of the mind.

The mind is like a little boy, who has to be led with love, care, taught the right thing, and given strong boundaries for behaviour and relationships, respect and dutiful action. We can take this Moon with our interior love for self (self respect, self discipline, self control), buttress and support the Moon with our daily prayer, our common sense, our spiritual common sense, and our awareness of the Atma. The Moon is informed by the buddhi, the intellect, which is nearest the Atma, and derives over 80% of its illumination from the Atma. The more we focus on the Atma, the more and more we have a stronger mind.

As we share about the planets on this website: the planets can lift us up, they can drag us down. It is up to us how we utilise the energy of the planets. We can take care with the combust Venus and care for those around us; we can take care of the pressures on the mind with our inner self respect and self control; these lead us to use our common sense, without hurry. Hurry, worry, curry, the three drivers of misery. Eject them with self respect!

Now the third house: Rahu and Mars. The Rahu-Ketu axis is important, for all planets are between Rahu and Ketu and thus, Kaal Sarp Yoga (the serpent of time) is in effect for the year of Plava. Mars has not moved out of Taurus, making this yoga of missed targets, misinformation and the recovery of humanity from the pandemic with new vaccines a significant challenge for humanity. Research and development, medical scientists and sovereign governments will continue to experience new strains, frustrations with vaccines and repeated testing of new vaccines. This will take us to nearly the end of 2021 before the virus is finally managed world-wide.

Mars and Rahu in Taurus will bring a bumper yield of crops for farmers and primary industry. On a personal level, there may be a strong personal desire to acquire, hoard, purchase, and otherwise build up personal wealth through assets, acquisitions, and new products coming on the market. The latest cell phone, the electric car, the additional clothing and footwear, the cutlery and cooking utensils for the home and kitchen. We need to walk our talk and practice ceiling on desires. The bhajan tells, Save your money for a selfless deed, everything is Divine! This might be an important issue to keep in mind as Rahu will be in Taurus for all of the coming year.

Mars as Lord of 2nd and 9th houses will bring wealth, favour and religious aspirations. Mars will also bring a certain determination, obstinacy, stubbornness to activities and desires for the coming year. Learning is strong, views are determined and difficult to change. Rash actions are possible, and there is the danger of using energy toward the wrong direction. As Year Lord, it is a significant challenge to tell the inner warrior to slow down and look before you leap. It is needful, for the reckless impulse must be curbed.

Next is Ketu in Scorpio in the 9th house. Ketu+Scorpio can have people dismissing the world and turning within to discover spiritual truths and the mysteries of life; life on Earth, life in the Universe. The 5th dimension, the higher awareness, the light body, the communication with beings from the stars – all these happen within, in the deep layers of the mind, the psychic awakening that comes with the 5th Dimension. Yes, there will be photographs and video of UFO on Instagram and Youtube. Yes, many will awaken to new awareness within, awaken to new psychic skills and energy as the junk-DNA is reactivated. Mars, the Year Lord, is aspecting Ketu with nearly 100% of positive effect. Ketu inspired individuals will explore hidden secrets (think, the solution to greenhouse gases and climate change are contained within the Vedas. Where?) and manage catastrophic events with ease. A year of strength for Ketu.

A word of warning: Ketu types can be from time to time – totally uninspired by the world – an not motivated to action. Where Ketu is in the 7th house, extra effort to take note of what is happening in their environment is needful. Where the Mars warrior can be the couch potato AND spring into action when the occasion demands, Ketu types have to be dragged kicking and screaming outside to see what is happening and have their deep intuition informed by the state of affairs. Then, they can participate and contribute powerful solutions. Just keep in mind that Sai Baba told you cannot expect to get to moksha if you think you can do it all alone. Culture means spirituality, and spirituality means action, and that involves interaction, service and loka sevanam, service for the welfare of all on Earth.

Saturn abides in the 11th house indicating there will be fear of the masses – and fear among the masses – for the coming year. Saturn seeks lawful public duty, so management of virus, management of vaccination, and end to to the pandemic. Saturn says vaccination hesitancy is not good, follow your lawful public duty and protect yourself, your family, your society. Saturn seeks to maintain social distancing, wear masks (BV Raman asks, “Saturn is in the 11th: Is it good for health?). So it is a matter we must take seriously, that each and every one of us is responsible for creating an end to the Coronavirus with thought, action, words. Yad bhavati, tad bhavatum, as the feeling, so the result: we can saturate the akash, the environment with our positive thoughts, careful actions among the masses, and bring the pandemic to closure, step by step, right where Saturn is lending energy.

Jupiter is in 12 house, Aquarius, Kumbh, the pot of water. Aquarius is the natural 11th house, so speaks of connectivity to networks: economic networks, people networks, trade networks, all that is away from the beehive of politics. An expansive imagination is possible, robusity in trade and relations with other economies is possible, but not seeking of political patronage. Jupiter gives the best results as philosopher of social progress that is proletarian, regularised, scientific and ideologically neutral.

The second strength of Jupiter in the 12th house is the focus on the goals of life, via the purusharthas. These are dharma, artha, kama and moksha, (in translation) right conduct, a common wealth in all compartments of our life, the satisfaction of desires necessary to our station in life and seeking of liberation. The sloka is Brahma sathyam, jagat mithya, jeevo brahmaiva naaparam: Brahman alone is true; Creation is a myth. The Jivi (or individual) is Brahman itself. Jupiter lends energy to pursuit of the final things. So we can keep this balance needed between the four goals of life, as we progress towards our own goals.

The final things are not the four horsemen of the Apocalypse. Pralaya is not indicated for Plava, the year of weaving the basket and catching the fish. Lord Rama tells that he will come and help us and render aid in all our task, if we put cent/percent energy into the task and get to the point where we cannot labour further. Then the Lord will come, that is his prabhava, his response to our devotion.


Reach Up
Reach Up


We look to the Navamsa chart for those in the senior years. Keep in mind that most of the matters raised in the annual chart for Solar New Year will prevail, such as conjunction of Sun and Moon, debilitated Mercury and the need to be wary of fake news, like this, we exercise our intellect.

Lagna (rising sign) is vargottama (same as Solar New Year chart), so indications of Pisces for the year are reinforced. This suggests that trusts, promises, vows, negotiations, business contracts, relationships, wills, deals, agreements may arise. Also keep in mind that Pisces specialises in charity, clairsentience, and spiritual guidance as the natural 12th house.

Sun is in Aries – same as the Solar New Year chart. So the significations for Sun in the second house apply here also. Sun is aspected by Jupiter, Sun and Jupiter are friends, so benefic energy is being lent to the Sun. Mars is also benefic and sends energy to the Sun, so we have two doses of magnanimous generosity going the way of the Sun.

Venus is in the third house – own sign of Taurus – in the nakshatra of the Moon (Rohini)(suggestive of many beloved friends, many partners, many associates, many we speak to or communicate with: be kind to them all and take the stubbornness out on inanimate things… ) This is going to be the personality sign for the year, and in some ways, can be the karaka for dhana, wealth. It is also the place of sensuous appetites: foodies, collectors of the great pleasures in life, and rich environments. There are no malefic aspects on Venus here, so every reason to be cheerful.

Rahu and Saturn are in the 4th house, Gemini, and this does not augur well for a number of reasons. Gemini is an air sign, and the home of Mercury, and Rahu is in the nakshatra of Mars, suggesting that ambitious Rahu can take off with ideas and desires that don’t exactly fit with following dharma. Rahu hates dharma. Saturn on the other hand, is in the nakshatra of Rahu, my, my, what a double dose of trouble here! And the deity is Isa, the god of wind and destruction. Suggests that old line from the Big Bad Wolf, “I’ll huff and puff and blow your house down!‘ Don’t let Rahu destroy your house of good feeling and emotion (the natural significations of the 4th) and make sure the Force is with you for the year. Shani can be frugal in the housekeeping money, and react to criticism from others, here. Be generous to yourself and don’t let any self-enslavement of the mind happen with self-disgust generated by Rahu.

Moon and Mars are in the 7th house, the house where we have all our relationships. The sign is Virgo, so this can be the place of arguments for both Mars and Moon, leading to digestive health challenges. This is the place for logical argument planning: plan not to hurt or offend those in your life. For the Solar New Year, both Moon and Mars are benefic, of good nature, so make sure when you are planning ahead to get a result in a meeting or an interaction, that sweetness prevails. Start the day with Love, Spend the day with Love, Fill the day with Love, End the day with Love, this is the way to God.

We have Jupiter here in the 8th house, Libra, somewhat a place of opportunity, nonetheless, where Jupiter would like to preach to the many, house lord Venus says one-to-one is good enough, so some crimping of Jupiter’s style coming for the year. The 8th is a place of hidden matters, transformations, the occult process, surgery and can also be the place where heretofore hidden money matters are discovered. Pause, take the temperature of Libra (balance in all things) (use your common sense). Why? Jupiter is aspected by Rahu and in a nakshatra of Rahu. Do not make big decisions suddenly or without deep reflection. Libra is balance, protect your resources.

Mercury is in the 12th house. When Mercury occupies Aquarius, we may express one’s thoughts through an abstract, rule-driven, conceptual, principled, and emotionless filter. Aquarius, ruled by lawfully dutiful Shani is a sign that rewards maturity and regulated linkages. Mercury and Venus are both welcomed into Aquarius, where their messages (Mercury) and arrangements (Venus) can mature in a friendly environment.

A word about the 5th

We have created this chart for the Solar New Year for a location which is in the 5th dimension (as indicated our link [above] to the shift). Many have ideas and preconceived notions about the 5th dimension, we will all be in light bodies, and maybe travelling in our armchairs to New York and other desirable locations around the world. Well, this New Year chart certainly indicates that inner psychic growth is on the menu, however, there are a lot of planetary indications that we need to be grounded, firmly. The King of the Chart is Mars, stubbornly grounded in Taurus. In the Navamsa, it is Venus in Taurus, yes we can be cheerful, but Venus rules earthy matters here, and also signifies that we need to be grounded in all things: common sense, spiritual sense and psychic sense.

The year will come with its chaotic nodes and bumble its way to the end of the pandemic, yes. The year holds much spiritual and psychic growth. Just keep in mind that the 5th Dimension – while it is here – requires that we take up the aspiration to be beings of love and light, not just higher light bodies.

Go Well.


towards destination: let us go, arm in arm together, towards our goals