Exploring the 555 Lemurian Gateway

Symbol of Lemuria“The ancient symbol from Lemuria, show a pair of triangles – crossed and interwoven in the centre of two outer circles … The two triangles are enclosed within an outer circle which leaves twelve divisions between the circles. The central symbol of a smaller circle is the monotheistic symbol of the Deity; the triangles of heaven and the outer circle; the Universe. (Jalarm)

We were on Norfolk Island, a part of ancient Lemuria, at a time of the 5-5-5 Gateway, 5 May (2023 = 5). It is an event that includes the five elements – fire, earth, air, water and space. That final element (akash in the etheric language) is most significant.

Ancient Lemuria (which included Australia) was bordered by the Pacific Ring of Fire. Earlier, it was a place of snow and ice. The Earth tilted and Antartica – a rich mountainous continent – became locked in ice over the millions of years. Ancient Lemuria gained a temperate climate, lush with vegetation and gentle wildlife. It was in the 5th Dimension and many star people came and went. Andromeda Val shares,

Having said that you are asking about Lemuria which was at time that existed even before what is known as the time of Atlantis, or the Atlan People, Atlantian People and we did discuss that in our meeting last time. So, I would say there were a time of Lemurians that were really, shall I say raised in consciousness that were more from the Indigenous people that really had this deep understanding of that they had come from the stars in the first place and they always lived and worked and communicated telepathically with the Star people and followed guidance very clearly from that point.

They were operating very successfully that way before the Atlantian people came. But they intermingled and knew of each other and worked with each other. They did not argue or raise weapons and so they lived harmoniously. And it would be very nice to see the Humans living that way again. But again because it has fallen now into a layer of consciousness that makes it hard to understand that in actual fact all Humans have come from other places.

So the Lemurians, as I would say, are very loving, compassionate people. They lived quietly, they lived with direction from the Star people, they did agriculture, they looked after the land, the Earth and they honoured all nature that was upon the planet and still do. They also, many of them, still have the ability to communicate telepathically with each other even on this planet until it fell to the 4th dimension and then the 3rd dimension which limited everything very severely. But, we’ll talk about that more if you would like. But I would like to suggest that the Lemurian were people that you would more or less find on islands in the Pacific and other Asian races. Source

This is the gentle energy of a loving, compassionate people who were in the higher dimension, in contact with the star people and engaged in agriculture and husbandry in harmony with the land and their neighbours and those from Atlantis. It was an energy of peace, peacemaking, harmony, understanding and seeking points of understanding with other peoples, other cultures. The Ancient Lemurians embodied the purposes of the planet Mu – that purpose being a Planet with all that has been brought here from elsewhere to be a Garden of Adin – in the starpeople language, a place of harmony and peace.

The days leading up to the Lunar Eclipse, and afterwards supercharge the energies of all the rites and offices undertaken: the Great Mother Ocean, the Star Mirrors of Mu, the Lemurian Grids and Birthing Gates, Stellar Libraries of the Golden Eggs, the Lemurian Gateway.

The Gateway:

This is the crystal we used – with a thin red streak within – planted in the sand.

The KEY to accessing the Gateway is the love frequency in our hearts.

We are a people who have had a human journey, with all the ups and downs of that life can give. We have energy patterns we have brought from the past, we have soul contracts, we have experienced trauma and memory from our ‘living history’ embedded in the human energy field that needs to be healed, resolved and transmuted.

We let go of old control mechanisms and limiting belief systems that do not serve our – nor your – highest good.

There is a transition from the carbon-based body to a Crystalline body. The Crystalline body receives communication from those in the higher dimensions. The Crystalline body accesses higher dimensions of light and embodies same in the Earth body container. So-called junk-dna is re-activated and skills lost are recovered: psychic skills of hearing, seeing, feeling, knowing truths that come from unknowing knowing, living in Oneness with the Source of the All and All-that-is.

There is chanting, supplication, invocation of the Lemurian Light Energy, we are all connected via arms linked together somewhat resembling the Fibonacci sequence standing around the crystal.

Raeline Brady is tracing sigils with her fingers and breathes over said tracing as energy is invoked. I can’t hear a thing, but watch Raeline.

I see a red streak flare up from the terminated crystal and then a surge of green energy emerges from the crystal and flows along Raeline Brady’s arms before flowing out to all the persons holding arms together resembling the Fibonacci sequence. The energy rises higher and higher.

Green energy of Ancient Lemuria
The Green energy of Ancient Lemuria rising at Ansar Beach, Norfolk Island during the activation of the 555 Lemurian Gateway
  • This is the energy that honours all life-forms on Earth.

  • This is the energy of the 5 R’s – Reclamation, Rise, Return, Reset and Re-evolution.

  • This is the energy that flows all over the Earth and seeks Lightworkers – of all kinds – to raise them up to higher dimensions.

  • This is the energy that transforms the carbon body to a crystalline body embedded in the higher dimensions.

  • This is the gentle energy that enables All to live in harmony with the Earth.

  • This is the energy that empowers peace within, and makes us peacemakers.

  • This is the energy of truth that enables all to know when they are being misled and deceived.

  • This is the energy of unconditional love and positive regard that enables this Lemurian Gateway to occur within every heart.

  • This is the energy that leads all to right action in their time and place.

  • This is the energy of non-violence which seeks to encounter the other, arrive at understanding and never raises a weapon to settle a dispute.


555 Lemurian Gateway Energy over the Earth
The 555 Lemurian Gateway Energy flows all over the Earth


Your Participation

Those who come to us from the Higher Dimensions, from the Hierarchy, and indeed, Source Itself does speak through his / her chosen instruments. What is told often is that everything is happening NOW. For the Universe – for all the known universes, there is no past, no future, only the present. Which means that events that have passed can be visited: they are not gone forever. You may, in your meditation, travel to Norfolk Island, to the beach where this 555 Lemurian Gateway Activation occurred, and participate, joining in and holding arms with others in the circular formation that resembled the Fibonacci sequence. You may be present when the Green Ancient Lemurian energy emerges from the great crystal elevating life, elevating form and capacity all over the Earth to the higher dimensions, to the higher energies of Love, Truth, Right Action, Peace and Non-violence.

The KEY to accessing the Gateway is the love frequency in your heart.

Go there in your meditation with the LOVE energy.


Crystal at Uluru
The crystal used in the 555 Lemurian Gateway Activation was also used at Uluru – Central Australia – in the Solstice Ceremony of 21 December 2020 and during the following Great Conjunction which elicited a transformation of the Earth; this event was also conjunct the completion of an ancient ritual that was interrupted and was to be completed at Uluru. Read more https://saieditor.com/?p=4012


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