Eclipse at the Heart: Uluru

The Solar Eclipse of 9 March 2016 was visible from Uluru, which we have been told, is now the heart chakra of our Planet. Uluru has been raised to the 5th Dimension and and contains the heart vibration of Mother Earth and is a spiritual resource for all who live upon Earth. It is an energetic resource to be treasured in the heart of every human for it will raise and elevate the vibrations in the body and lift the human heart to the 5th Dimension. In this article we examine the portents of this eclipses from the viewpoint of vedic astrology – an ancient science which is regaining lost ground.

Looking at the Solar Eclipse of 9 March, we go to Uluru, which we have been told, is now the heart chakra of our Planet. It has been raised to the 5th Dimension and contains the full heart vibration of all who live on this planet. The eclipse was visible at Uluru, Northern Territory, Australia, from 9:39 am with eclipse maximum at 10:11 am.

From the Ascendant

In order that we might understand the astrology chart, we need a point to reckon from, a beginning. The Ascendant is the beginning, the first house from which we reckon all other signs, planets, houses, yogas, and so forth. In this astrology chart for the 9 March eclipse – centred on Uluru, Northern Territory, Australia, the Ascendant is in Aries, thus making Aries is the first house for our reckonings, calculation and derivation of portends.

Reckoning from the Ascendant (tanu bhava, the first house, the house of the body), Aries, which is a fire sign and movable in nature. This is indicative of the body of the Earth, the body of humanity; new beginnings emerging from the furnace, a movement from darkness into light.

The Lord of the Ascendant (often called lagnesha) is Mars, which is located in the 8th House, Scorpio. Scorpio is a water sign. In Hinduism, the fire element exists in water, and Mars – being a planet of fire nature (pitta dosha) transiting the sign of water. Water – particularly large bodies of water – signify the unconscious mind in the human. In this instance, the body of water is being ignited with the with fire, telling that parts of the human unconscious are being brought into the light; this is redolent of the flowering of non-coding DNA which is one of the features of the awakening to the 5th Dimension.

Looking at the Soul Principle, Atmakaraka

We have been told that all humans on this planet – and all other forms of life – will rise to the 5th Dimension. So we see Mars – fire planet, Lord of the Ascendant, is bringing the light to secret, dark places within and this portends the ascension to the 5th Dimension. We now need to turn our attention to the planet which signifies the Soul in the human. This planet is called atma (soul) karaka (giver, disposer).

The Sun is the atmakaraka of the Earth planet. At the time of the 9 March eclipse, the Sun is in the 11th house, Aquarius, an air sign, and Saturn is the Lord of this sign; here, Saturn is in the water sign with Mars and takes a special role as Lord of the Atmakaraka Sun.

Returning our attention to the Sun as the soul principle in this astrology chart, the Sun is the King of the chart. None of the planets can go against the Sun, none of the planets can afflict the Sun or constrict its powers. As planet of the soul principle (atmakaraka) the Sun is all powerful. In this chart, we find the Sun is in Aquarius, a sign that is ruled by the air element. We may have energy and ideas, feelings and motivations flowing like a breeze, calmly within. We may have a hurricane, swirling storm-force winds blowing through us. Ideas, inner promptings shout, roar, command our attention and action. The Sun in air sign might be a still point of light in the turning world, the centre-point of stability. As the Sun signifies fire, there may be winds fanning the fires of interaction with our peers and environment – and in the workplace – in this the 11th house of relations with our world. As the Sun signifies the Soul principle, we need to look to the qualities of the soul to understand this further.

Qualities of the Soul

The soul brings the life force to the body. The soul brings the mind, the personality with it. The soul brings the karma, the life-path, the predispositions to action or inaction. The soul is not simply a self-effulgent ball of light or life-force. There are many attendants, ministers, ushers, and handmaidens that come with the soul in order that the life contract, the soul expression, might be known in this body, this person, with that character and that personality.

So here we have the Sun signifying the soul. The Sun is in an air sign, subject to the vagaries and vapours of the winds it finds itself in. This air sign, Aquarius, is also the 11th house. The 11th is the house of gains, income, realisation of objectives and hopes. It is the house of our activities in the world, our peers and where we earn our wealth. It is the house where we realise income from our own exertions. Being the 4th from the 8th house, it may also transpire that our experiences in the world now come as a wealth of occult knowledge and information. Here we keep in mind that the return of the 5th Dimension becomes the lived experience of the flowering of Non-coding DNA. This brings occult experiences, sudden non-physical cognition and understandings, knowledge which arises from within due experiences of the star-gates around the planet releasing light, higher energies, gravitational waves all around the Earth (11th house).

Role of Saturn

Before we look to other planets in the astrology chart for this eclipse, we need to look to the planet that is the lord of Aquarius, for it is also the lord of the soul-principle, the Sun, and plays a special role in the astrology chart. The planet we are talking about is Saturn.

Saturn is the Lord of Time and evolution and is in the 10th house from atmakaraka Sun, (the strongest square (or Kendra) relationship), and hence has strong support from the Sun, so full support of the soul principle. Here, Saturn, giver of discipline, presages a new soul discipline, the soul path to Ascension. In a time when people may be easily misled by teachers, gurus, lecturers, Mars lights up new paths within the unconscious; Saturn tells, tread slowly with inner discipline in order to obtain the most benefit.

In the higher dimensions, we are told that time is faster, we are also told that time is not linear was we commonly reckon. Ascension is reckoned by some as a spiral, a rising of consciousness, and that spiral connects past, present and future in an eternal cycle of the cosmos. Saturn (careful) brings discipline to Mars (initiative, action).

The 5th House

Moving from the Ascendant, the next house that has planets in our chart is the 5th House, Leo, and the atmakaraka Sun is the Lord here. This is the sign of children, and it is also the sign of intelligence and higher learning. It is also the storehouse of karma selected to be spent in the present life. Jupiter is the high priest and guru among the planets and dispenses largesse, wisdom and pure learning. There can be graceful surrounds, good things and plenty, and a rather large waistline, as Jupiter likes largesse!

Also present in the 5th house is Rahu, the north node of the Moon. Rahu is a shadow planet, and is sometimes called the head of the dragon. For Rahu is just that, a head. He has no body, and was separated from his body as consequence for an act of deception. Deception is a key word with Rahu, we may be deceived and we may deceive ourselves, and we may also deceive others. Rahu is known for giving of fraud, false qualifications, station in life obtained by deception. Rahu also has unlimited access to records and archival materials. What we do with these records is most important; we need to keep in mind Sathyam moolam jagattruth is the basis of the Universe.

Jupiter and Rahu together within the orb of influence (9° for Jupiter) spell a need to check the qualifications of those in leadership, the advice given, the soundness of the teaching, the proprietary rightness of the directions given. While Jupiter promotes dharma, right conduct, Rahu spoils the right path and seeks results by any path possible. Rahu hates principle of dharma, right conduct and will seek any form of path to the results desired. Rahu is vaulting ambition which overleaps itself and lands one square in the path of the uncomfortable consequences of poor choices.

We are never exempt from using our discrimination and detachment. These are inner skills, and they may be applied to any situation we find ourselves in. When we are confronted with information, choices, guidance, we may first use common sense, then our intellect – which gives discrimination – and thereafter, our spiritual sense, our well-formed values which guide us through life. Where Rahu may be giving mischievous desires and confusions via the path of smoke and mirrors, we may always have time on our side (Saturn is aspecting Jupiter and Rahu) and we may TAKE TIME to come to a considered evaluation, our own decision based on our own sense of right conduct. Thank you, Saturn, we may always take time.

The 8th House

The 8th House – in this time of eclipse falls in Scorpio – is Lorded by Mars in weakness, debilitation. Here, we find Mars is in this house, and conjunct Saturn. Mars is aspecting all the signs in the 11th house, and we will take a look at the 11th shortly. The 8th house signifies longevity, scandals, impurities, losses, calamities, a whole slew of negative connotations. It is also the house of secrets, hidden information, hidden knowledge, knowledge of the occult.

We noted before that Mars is in a water sign, and in Hinduism, there is the principle of fire (agni) in water (jala). We said earlier that this fire points to illumination within, an awakening of consciousness, a rising of consciousness, a flowering of the non-coding DNA.

This house is also the 10th from the atmakaraka Sun, and as such, has full support of the Sun, full beneficial aspect, in addition to being the strongest of the kendras, the 4 pillars of the bhava chart itself, the Vishnu Sthanas. This full support from the Sun and the presence of Saturn in the 10th from atmakaraka Sun brings in the element of a new discipline, the disciplines of the human in the 5th Dimension. New fires, new energy, new resources within are suggested by this 10th house from atmakaraka Sun. Hence, new discipline is necessary, and we have Saturn here, who is lord of self-discipline, self-control, self-respect.

The 11th House

The 11th house is the house of gains, acquisitions, income and realisation of objectives. This house has the atmakaraka, the soul principle. Also located in this house are:~

* Moon, presiding deity of the Mind
* Mercury, giver of intelligence, joining information and data together
* Venus, giver of gracefulness, artisans, creativity, earth-grounding
* Ketu, giver of moksha, liberation from the cycle of birth and death.

Sun as soul principle strengthens all these planets, which act in collaboration with the Sun to provide firm foundation to progress towards the 5th dimension. As we are calculating this chart from the location which is called the heart chakra of this planet, we note that all these planets function not from the head, but from the heart.

The Moon is guided by the intellect, which derives over 80% of its illumination from the soul principle, in this case, the Sun. Mercury is a most sensitive planet and is easily influenced by the proximity of other planets and in fact, takes on their characteristics, when it is conjunct planets. Venus is karaka of the beauty within, the gracefulness, the groundedness, the appreciation of the beauty of this world. Ketu has no head and cannot function from the head. Ketu can only function from the heart.

We have five planets in Aquarius, and no significations (pada) of any other house. From this we derive much spiritual exploration and characterise this as “The Spiritual Tourist”, wherein the relations with the world will be taken up as courage (Sun) and strength (aspect of Mars) to explore that which provides spiritual nourishment and strength within. Hence, the spiritual tourist.

There is much more we may derive from this eclipse, and there are significations for Rainbow Children and Diamond Children which we may take up later.

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