Mars and Fearlessness

Human Values and Astrology
Value:Peace; Sub-value: Fearlessness
Planet (graha) Mars - Lord Kuja

Kuja - Hindu God

Om veeradhwajaaya vidmahe
vighna hastaaya dheemahi
tanno bhooma prachodayaat

Mars is ambitious, energetic, firm, brave, ardent, resolute, resourceful, enterprising and inspiring. Mars also empowers Fearlessness, a sub-value of Peace.

Mars is a planet of strength. The sloka for Mars describes this planetary deity has having the (weapon) (instrument) Shakti in his hand. So we may take strength, power, energy and force as signatures of the planet Mars.

The Planet Mars is known in Vedic Astrology as Lord Kuja, the Commander in Chief, son of Bhumi, Mother Earth, (var, Bhoodevi), and is dispositor or karaka of shakti in the form of energy, will, power and strength.

Mars, with the instrument of Shakti, has power, energy and will. Application of will to physical energy and efforts gives rise to power, concentration and success and functions to create human order in society and culture. Mars, with its eternal energy and repetition, rehearsal, practice, drill, gives a unique penetration of mind and intellect to efficiency in decision making derived from a particular intelligence which arises from the discipline itself. This enables creating order where disorder and chaos exist. What has Mars to do with the five human values?

Human Values

Values are the principles which guide action. Values are our codes of internal conduct, the moral code upon which we run our lives and make our decisions. Our values are first given to us by our parents, and these are developed, expanded, tested in experience. Other people impress values upon us, such as those values given to us by our peers, our teachers and the wider community. Our moral values are often sourced from our faith systems. It is from these that we select the principles which guide our lives and our behaviours.

Our values often include universal principles such as truthfulness, peace, love, right conduct and non-violence. These principles are often essential for our personal and social contributions in society and culture. As we see with Mars, internal motivators to action are critically important. Mars has the instrument of Shakti in his hand, and when energy (shakti) is applied to the practice of human values, this generates far-reaching outcomes which create order in person, in the home, in the family, in the society, in the nation, in the world. Shakti is the foundation of the Mars capacity to guide, to direct, to command, to undertake leadership roles in business, society and culture.

Mars and Fearlessness

Fearlessness is self-management in the face of fear. Fearlessness springs from the human value of Peace, with its sub-values of understanding, calmness, dignity, self-discipline, patience, concentration and positiveness. We use our values-toolbox of Peace (the foundation of Fearlessness) to be resolute, bold and courageous with that which is within and without us. With self-management founded on personal self-discipline and management of our energies within we are able to respond to events and situations in our lives which induce fear. One of the Vedic names for Mars is Kuja, which means Son of the Mother Earth. It is Mars, Kuja that places energy, power and will at our disposal in order that we might, with self control, and mind management, bring order out of chaos, within and without.

Situations and perceived threats which give rise to fear as a response are often beyond the ability of the mind and the ego (which always wants to have full control over the environment, both inner and outer) to interpret, understand and control reality. The brain itself continually tests hypotheses of external phenomena and through the autonomic nervous system, instigates a internal preparatory response to external threats to personal safety and security.

In such situations, people may experience dread, awe, fright, terror, trepidation and intimidation. There may be shock, agitation, spasms and cold sweats. There may be a sense of hazard, or an inner sense of oppressive menace or ominousness which shatters one's steadiness. The brain and nervous system, evolved from its hunter-gatherer origins, releases adrenaline to enable physical response: fight or flight, approach or avoidance.

Many internal triggers to fear are False Expectations Appearing Real.

What is Fearlessness?

Fearlessness is the state or quality of Be-ing, without fear. It is lacking doubt, has confidence and courage to face challenges and dangers with skilful behaviour.

Fearlessness is variously described as courage, confidence, unaffected, bravery, and determination. It is a stance which manages emotions and instinctive responses—untrembing, unshrinking, undaunted, unabashed, unawed, unshaken, undismayed, unblenching—these are words which describe the response of fearlessness.

What does Fearlessness look like?

Fearlessness is a bearing, a demeanour, courage, self-control and even nobility in the face of challenge. Fearlessness shows guts, pluck, heart, nerves of steel and is intrepid, sans trepidation. It is unbowed, brave, firm and full of valour.

What are the Fruits of Fearlessness:

Fearlessness is self discipline in the face of personal challenge or external threatening challenge. It strengthens the mind, it focusses and conserves energy, it builds mettle, strengthens the human spirit, and creates or restores order out of chaos. It is disciplined activity, the fruits of skilful behaviour and mind management acquired and learned, tested and built upon.

What is "doing" Fearlessness?:

Fearlessness is skilful resolve which engages in management of the mind wherever the mind feels threat, diminution, and cannot control an event or response. It is based on sensible data, local knowledge, self-knowledge, faith and capacity built by way of constant evaluation, self control, self discipline and self respect. Fearlessness is an internally managed response to a fear-inciting situation with determination and confidence in one's personal skilfulness to respond appropriately.

Fearlessness inspires confidence in others, creates a safe environment and restores calm and order. It refocuses and changes the situation or perceived threat and encourages others. Fearlessness conveys self discipline and self control, and gives a proper vision of the phenomena inducing the flight–or–fight response, and instils inner space wherein others may take control of their fears and responses.

What Fearlessness is not:

Fearlessness is not attention-seeking behaviour; it is not audacious, it is not prowess, feats nor misdirected masculinity–femininity seeking to prove itself to peers and others. Fearlessness is never awe, never out of control, never rashness, never unthougtful. Fearlessness is skilful behaviour born of self discipline and management of the mind.

Fearlessness has its foundations in Peace, Truth, Right Conduct, Love and Non-violence. It always engages consciousness to direct energy to disciplined responses. Fearlessness responds to dangers, challenges and threat with modesty, humility, nobility and a clarified intellect.

Spiritual Dimensions of Fearlessness

Fearlessness is born of adherence to Truth without scope for conflict and doubts. It is adherence to what is good, and doing good. If you don't follow Truth, then the fire of fear burns within, giving rise to all sorts of fearful situations and restlessness. The fire of fear gives rise to haunting fears and delusions and reflect an animal quality within.

Truth conveys fearlessness. This is achieved by the 4 F's...

Follow the master
Face the devil
Fight to the end
Finish the game.

Your conscience is your master. So, follow your conscience. Life is a game, play it. Life is a dream, realize it. Life is love, enjoy it.

Following righteousness, right conduct, order, (dharma) confers fearlessness, strength and courage. Maya, the world of illusion, promotes fear. Repeating the Name of the Lord produces fearlessness, for when one repeats the name of the Lord, only divine feelings come. Fearlessness is also the fruit of surrender; when one gives gold to the goldsmith, the finished product gives bliss; one does not give one's fears nor opinions to the goldsmith how to produce the finished product.

The spiritual dimension of fearlessness is founded on Love. A heart filled with Divine Love spontaneously shares love, shares the selfless expression of love and seeks nothing. Love always gives, it never receives; love is changeless, Love is fearless.

Love is Fearless

Love is Fearless

Mars, karaka of Fearlessness

Mars as karaka (disposer, energiser, motivator) Mars, disposer of shakti in the form of energy, will, power and strength empowers fearlessness. The energy Mars disposes is directed and channelled in a disciplined manner; systematic rehearsal of skilful responses becomes discipline. Mars transforms instinctual responses to energy which is harnessed to engage the mind in application of discipline.

Mars has stamina and is a warrior. Mars may acquire skills, drill, rehearse, practice with endurance beyond normal limits. Mars then has the wherewithal which transforms the initial burst of energy provided by the nervous system in the form of adrenaline. Applied energy is directed, transformed, becomes skilful response and behaviours which the mind is trained to fall back to and apply to threat, internal and external. Iti dristi iti, the seen reflects the seer; Mars supplies energy to the seer for focus, direction, application.

The Earth is at present adjusting to the new energy that it is coming into alignment with. The movement of this planet and the energy upon it is changing. It will move into an energy that is uplifting. It is raising consciousness of everything upon the planet; so the energy, will, power and force which Mars generates within may be profitably directed towards assisting the transformation of this planet and its inhabitants.

The uplifting force coming from the Cosmos will result in a reduction of clashes, negativity, wars, conflicts, suffering. It is these incidents, accidents and events Mars is known for bringing about. The role of shakti which Mars has, as Son of the Earth Mother, becomes more susceptible towards transformation. Force, Power and Command may be directed towards understanding, collaboration, devising alternate strategies to negativity, wars and conflicts.

Fearlessness is self-management in the face of fear. Mars is dispositor or karaka of shakti in the form of energy, will, power and strength - which, when taken up with fearlessness, has full capacity to assist towards the transformation of the Earth to the fourth and fifth dimensions.


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