Vata dosha, Air signs, Vata Planets and Compassion …

Vata, Vata, Vata

Vata is one of the three doshas, or constitutions of Ayurveda. Vata means airy or wind, and this applies to to planets. The Vata planets are Sun, Mercury, Rahu, the Air signs are Mithuna (Gemini) Tula (Libra) and Kumbh (Aquarius). Right now, we have a situation where an air sign is full of planets and is being aspected by Vata planets.

Gemini planets

As the four elements are Fire, Earth, Air, Water. Well, the Air scale has been going off the register for the last few weeks, due this aspecting of Gemini by Saturn and Rahu, with so many planets in Gemini:

so much of air

The mind can move so fast with vata energy and planets in air houses. It can flit from place to place to place, without ever settling down.

These are times of some little frustration; go back to the chart above and note the aspect of Rahu on Gemini; Sani vat Rahu is the rule, which means Rahu behaves like Saturn. Rahu is stronger again as it takes the character of the planets it is conjunct with, and in this instance, Rahu is conjunct Saturn and throwing all this Vata, airy energy to the planets in Gemini. Mercury is also an airy (vata) planet, so as Mercury retrogrades in his own house—normally a good sign—somewhat powerful, yet, there can be little troubles as Rahu magnified by Saturn aspects Mercury on his retrograde journey. Things can be held up…

Astrologers debate about retrograde planets and whether they become stronger or weaker. What there is agreement about is that they become somewhat contrary and Mercury is not the exception to the rule! Mercury, however, is in it’s own home, Mithuna (Gemini) and it has the powerful benefit of having Jupiter stationed there at the moment. Usually Mercury (Budha) retrograde signals all kinds of delays, alarums and excursions, not to mention electric-electronic matters going haywire. However, as Mercury is in its own sign, there may be some quite inspiring introspection and illumination from the intellect.

It has also been a time of many thoughts flying through the mind, it is very much an airy time and it is important what “channel” we tune into whether we react, respond or just allow our minds to be idle.. Thoughts and prayers are most powerful and it is our thoughts that can transform this planet and make this time of transition much better for everyone – even in these troubled times of continuing floods in Pakistan, car bombs in Baghdad, floods in China, buildings collapsing in Bangladesh, killings in Afghanistan and disappointment with the lack of peace emerging from the Arab Spring. Egypt, Syria, this is so depressing. And then boat people coming to Australia drown near the end of their journey.

Yet, as Hierarchy and its messengers tell us, all these things can be made better by our intentions, our good thoughts, our well-wishes and our prayers. All these travel to aid these places.

Let me share with you something I was taught back in 1996. When people gather together for devotional singing, the company of the good and Godly (satsang) and study circle, or archana (many prayers and offerings and puja) the form of the Divine —whatever name and form you are comfortable to use—takes all this energy, and takes it to places in the world where it is needed to administer divine aid and grace to those in weal and woe. As we have been told, we were taught to raise our hands, call on the angels, in order to aid the lost souls. We can also do this in prayer, daily, for those in need, for places of conflict, for these troubled times. This is a good way to use this excess of vata energy about at this time.

Wealth is not primarily monetary. Wealth is physical, it is mental, it is spiritual, it is the entire gamut of the human heart and how much we are prepared to allow ourselves wealth in our hearts – in the heart chakra in particular – on the 4th dimension within our very own selves. We have a wealth we may give to this world, a wealth which brings forward the heartbeat of the fourth dimension and makes this real, the way of life, for many, many humans in need.

Karuna Sagari Maa

The etymology of compassion: to suffer together with, feel pity, from the latin com – together with pati, to suffer. Compassion is to have fellow-feeling with others who are in suffering. Karuna sagari Maa refers to the Mother of All, the Creative Source of All, who is the ocean of compassion. Mankind sighs and sends up prayers for relief from suffering in times of trouble.

The term for mind comes from the Sanskrit manas, which indicates more than the western idea of mind; it also includes emotion and means feeling; this is the scope of the entire mental field. As the mind includes emotions, the Moon – as presiding deity of the mind – also gives energy to emotions and nourishes them. The Moon by itself is neither good nor bad; the Moon is said to be pure white and reflects pruity, and does not deliver harm of its own accord. The energies which flow through the reflective agency of the Moon are influenced by planets, houses, signs and aspects.

The Moon as presiding deity of the mind simply passes influences upon it to the human. The mind is very much at the mercy of the energy it receives. The Moon, being the presiding deity, is of great importance in Vedic Astrology. Note the progress of the Moon this month:

progress of moon

There will be something like a “reverse karla sarpa yoga, with all the planets sandwiched between Ketu and Rahu. On the other side, the moon will traverse the signs alone – hemmed in by Rahu and Ketu. When a planet is hemmed in between malefics (Rahu and Ketu are natural malefics) then it is said to be under the influence of malefics and does not give good results. Here, the moon will move from Scopio to Pisces under this influence. It is a time to take care of the soul, to follow your personal spiritual practice (whatever that be) and to get out in the Sun, daily. Good results in our own lives require that we make effort.

During this time when the Moon travels alone between the nodes—and all this airy-vata type of energy is around, spare a moment daily for those in need. For those who are down and out, homeless, refugees, those suffering mental illnesses, and those who live alone, this will be a somewhat challenging time. Spare a moment, have some compassion, and raise your hands in sending out positive thoughts to one and all, particularly to those who are needy. It will not be the happiest of times for them, and we may help, for we know that though is ever so powerful and can be used for the good of all, rather than simply the good of the few.

Everytime we give compassion and send love and light to others in need, we make the Earth a better place to live in for All. There is only one language, the language of the heart; there is only one religion, the religion of love, there is only one race, the human race, and there is only one God, the God of mercy and compassion. So as we are made in the image and likeness of the divine, let us be embodiments of compassion during this trying time, 19 – 29 July.

Lakshmi as Goddess of Compassion

Karuna Sagari Maa,
Lakshmi as Mother of Compassion


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