Astrology and the Soul Blueprint

Astrology and the Spiritual Path

Life is based on light; all life comes from the Central Sun of all the Universes, the Creative Source of All. Astrology provides a map of where the light is allocated to every major segment of your life: there are twelve important domains of human life with its many inter-relations: your body, wealth, siblings, your family and children. You will have those in your life who oppose you or disagree with you; your health is all important, as is your life partner. You have an education, you have vulnerabilities, gains and losses, these are all parts of your life.

Astrology provides a map of your soul's path in this body, at this time. Your soul has a blue-print of the path you will take, the people you will meet, with whom you will grow up, and those who you fight with, and those who you fall in love with. As you are a soul – a spiritual being – you are having a human experience, a physical experience wherein you are birthed into a family and experience the love and warmth of family. You are a spiritual being on a path called human life; it is a spiritual path to a spiritual goal. Astrology, then, is a spiritual map of your soul's choices, learnings and experiences chosen for this lifetime. It can also show achievements and learning of past lives, and what is to be learned in this life.

When a soul takes up a body, it makes choices which lay out the basic path in life with its ups and downs. There will be recurring themes and challenges in any life. What is important in your life is how you deal with the themes and challenges, the lessons you have come here to learn, and how you progress towards your goals. Socrates said "The unexamined life is not worth living". Many people are sleepwalking through their lives, allowing their ego and the mind to be in charge of all the events which happen to them.

The events that happen are simply the roll out of past life karma chosen to be experienced, this time. You may have a social life, you have your Facebook page or blog, your cell phone along with text messages being sent and received; you may be marginalised by your peers or you may be the life of the party. You wrote the script that brings praise and stigma, crashing and burning, sucesses and failures, your health and sicknesses, your losses and gains. There is no escape from the experience of being human.

While there may be no escape from the see-saw extremes of life, you do have the answers within you. There is no cause for anxiety or fear. Astrology can be a prediction tool for events yet to come, and in hindsight, offer you the perspective of understanding why something happened to you, right on schedule when you changed your major planetary periods. But right through all these periods, right beside you in your path of life, the map your soul has scribed and selected as the blue-print for this time, there is One walking beside you. God is within you, beside you, above you, below you, before you, behind you. Your life in the mundane world is a spiritual trajectory to the ONE which is the goal of all lives.

We began by saying that Life is light, and all life -- all forms of life -- come from the Creative Source of All, the Central Sun of all the Universes. The soul within you is a spark of divinity; it is light that has come from the One Light, which illuminates all on their way home. Just as you feed your body three times a day, you can call "home" three times a day by feeding your soul. You touch base with your Self, the true Self within, which is One with the Creative Source of All. Astrology speaks of periods of time called "sandhi", these being sunrise, noon, and sundown. In more practical terms, sandhi is when we wake up, when we take our midday meal, and when we retire for the night. These times of sandhi are most important.

One meaning of Sandhi is that the morning is the period of pure or peaceful quality; Noon tide is a time of action or enegetic quality and the evening hour of dusk, is of dull, resting quality. Touching base within, feeding our soul at these times (the dhi part of Sandhi refers to dhyana, stillness, concentration, mindfulness) gives us inner nurturance from the Creative Source of all and helps us to overcome negative qualities within. We call "home", we touch base with Love, our Source.

This Love, this Source, is within our souls, the whole time we are following the life map. We have a path chosen by the soul, what we call the 'soul blue-print'. Astrology helps to discover the nature of these choices, the blue-print of life and self-understanding. An astrology reading or session is not a time of fear and anxiety about what predictions might come forward. Rather, YOU have mapped this path, it is the confirmation of your energies, skills, experiences, the tools you have within: maturity and competence. Competency in humans exploring their life path is realising you are spiritual being having a human experience. You do this with the inherent competencies and skills, knowledge and achievements you bring with your soul.

The language of the soul is the language of the spiritual path. Astrology is a tool to help you understand the path you have chosen, with all its dichotomies, ups-and-downs, friends and loves, family and relations. Astrology is a tool for you to begin exploring your spiritual life. It helps to understand the soul-blueprint and extends your self-understanding of this path called human life. Astrology, then, is a spiritual tool to self-knowledge and self-satisfaction.

light at the end of the track

Astrology is the tool on our path to the Light, the Light from which all life comes...

(To be continued ...)


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