Cosmic Energy, Mother Energy, and the Fourth Dimension

Cosmic Energy

Om is the energy of creation, preservation, dissolution. It is an essence. It is everything. It is Absolute and it comes from nothing, it comes from the Void.

Cosmic Energy, the OM, is the basic form of energy in everything. It is in you, in your earth body and your brain. It is in your mind consciousness, your God consciousness – that is within you.

You are also easily influenced by this energy – but it is taken for granted. Everyone needs to think about this; and think about how it affects you and influences you. Everyone may acknowledge it … every day, every moment, every second of your life.

For it is LIFE. The word ‘creation’ conjures the word life. And that is what it is. You could describe it in many ways and many forms, you could describe it as an essence. It is everything. It is Absolute and it comes from nothing, it comes from the Void.

All that is needed now is to unite with the Source of Creation and all problems will be resolved. Nature (along with the extremes in weather patterns) will quieten. Places where there are plants and animals will find they have abundance.

In this transition—which bears the word Ascension—there is no moving like entering an elevator and going up and down. Rather, there a change in thinking. And a belief that unites from the Creative Source of God which, which was mentioned earlier; this exists in all of you. Everything upon this Earth has the Creative Source of God within them.

Whatever way you feel you want to connect to this Source, please do so, but honour it, because it has a Power. It has the Power to heal all. It is Universal Love.

Fourth Dimension

The Blue People came from Venus to establish life here and are still here in the 4th Dimension. This can be seen with the 3rd eye. They have light bodies; this dimension is in the process of merging with the 3rd Dimension

An advanced civilisation existed on Earth. Many have memories of this time and their mission is to remember. There are Star People who are dedicated to helping us remember. This, then, is the need for Mystery Schools wherein people are taught about their higher essences and how to assimilate the changes – and live as fourth dimensional beings in a physical form, with a higher consciousness.

There are many Blue People still here. They live in the dimension that you may call the 4th dimension, or the astral. They are still here. They are here in areas that you would suggest were called Shambala. It is a place of Higher Frequency that exists upon this Earth, but it is not seen with people with Earth eyes. It is seen with their inner eye at times, depending on how open they are. Everybody on this Earth has the ability to see into the 4th Dimension with their inner eye, if they want to. Many have experienced glimpses of the 4th dimension. There is much life in the 4th dimension. These you might call civilizations if you like—but these are different in what you understand as a civilization—there is life that exists in the 4th dimension and from the Star People’s point of view the 3rd dimension, and that is what the Earth people are in, and the 4th dimension that is where the Light people live in—and for them, the Blue People—it is all one upon this Earth, this planet.

No Separation of Third and Fourth Dimensions

To the Star People there is no separation. There is much that the Earth people cannot see that exists upon this Earth. From the Earth man’s point of view (and it is limited) they get glimpses at times of the 4th dimension. However, many Earth people are not always ready to accept that there is a reality of the 4th dimension. These two frequencies are slightly different—but they are starting to come together—because the solar system and the Earth herself is moving into alignment with the Central Sun and as it does so, then the energy from the Universal Creation comes upon this Earth and virtually rings the changes. So that the 4th and the 3rd will become one.

The Mother Energy

God is creation-preservation-dissolution; the preservation energy is the Mother Energy. It is in all that exists; it is this energy which is needed now.

It is the Mother energy that is needed to be recognised upon this Earth now. So that wars are not sought nor fought. With the Mother energy resolves can take place between people if they respect and love one another. This is the energy of the Mother …. the force of the Mother that comes from the Source of All, the Source of All Creation.

This is the energy that comes with new birth in whatever form. It comes in insects, in birds, in reptiles, in animals and in humans. The babies come with the Mother energy; the Mother energy is symbolized and is signified in the female of the species. This takes place even within the flowers and other life forms upon the Earth.

It is an energy that reaches out and encloses, comforts, nurtures, heals …. and gives up-liftment. It is that energy that helps things to grow …. it is not hard to see the little embryo forming in a mother’s womb and growing …. it is that Mother energy of love and compassion.

Everybody on this Earth should understand that they are the Mother in themselves. We all have 22 x and 22 y chromosome pairs within our bodies, so all are seeded with both the male and female energy. Even if they are born into a male form they will have they Creative Source of all within them; they are God and the God comes with the Mother—the Father—and the nurturing. God from the Source of All Creation is Love and Compassion. It is Universal Love. Everyone may honour that …. respect it and take it into their bosom, into their heart … and in return give it back to all that is around them … in all that they are doing, whatever work, perform it with love and know it goes with the Mother, the care … and the love of the work.


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