Rahu in Virgo and the Moon: path to Ascension

smoke and moon

At the end of this month (July 2014) we will see the Moon will move into Virgo joining Rahu in Virgo for the first time in eighteen years. Some suggest this is a time when we may see hysteria emerge, for Rahu - smoky shadow planet - clouds the Moon, and perhaps, ever surging towards new horizons, clouds discrimination. We look to the various dimensions of Rahu conjunct Moon in Virgo, where Rahu will remain for the next 18 months.

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Meditation on Light

Light for Meditation

Many years ago, perhaps in the early days of awakening in the New Age movement, the times of the 11-11 portal openings, many seers and visionaries were reporting that a time of three days of darkness was to come; there would be no light, no electricity, and humanity would be living in darkness. As most of humanity would be in ignorance of this, this was expected to be a time of terror and extreme reactions by persons unable to cope with such a catastrophe, as some would call this. It is now understood that in the last three months, this "wall of darkness" has occluded the light, and darkened the inner light to some extent in the social, intellectual, physical and spiritual domains of the person.

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Navaratri – The Sun


Today is the first day of the Navaratri celebrations which are held for nine days (Nava Rathrulu). All festivals are meant to remind mankind that they should cultivate noble qualities by engaging themselves in activities beneficial to one’s own self and society. Sai Baba made reference to Navaratri and the Nine Planets:

As part of Navaratri celebrations, people worship different forms of divinity. You should develop sacred feelings and experience divinity. What is the inner meaning of Navaratri celebrations? These nine nights represent nine planets. Each planet has its own significance. However, these planets are not outside, they are within. If your feelings are impure and unsacred, the result also will be the same. You are responsible for the good and bad you think and experience.

As the nine nights represent the nine planets, we will be having a planetary celebration of Navaratri with an account of one of the planets for each of the nine nights. The first planet is The Sun. The colour for the first day of Navaratri is ORANGE, so we will write in Orange for this first day’s observance of Navaratri.

The Sun is called ‘Sol’ in many languages; its rays and energy are of a solar nature. It is not without coincidence the Sun, Sol, has the same name for Soul; the name is the same, the spelling is slightly different. The Sun in Vedic Astrology signifies the incarnating soul. It is said to represent the personality, the ego, the Self.

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666, Venus, and influences on The Human


In many posts on this website, we have given explanation of the planets as luminaries, as they reflect the light of our Sun of our solar system, and the energies passing through the Sun. The planets cast influences from the Galactic Sun to all parts of our lives. We have also illustrated these are times of transition to the 4th and 5th Dimensions. The transition to the 4th and 5th Dimensions are given by energies coming from the Central Sun of all Universes, the Creative Source of All. The planets perform their natural luminous function and pass on these energies, and our recent messages here have highlighted aspects of this activity and its influence on human affairs and activities with an astrological theme. We turn now to examine Saturn, Rahu and Venus in the 7th House and look more closely into these influences.

transits, 10 September 2013

At the beginning of September, Venus was in debilitation in Virgo, its place of fall, – a place of inability to deliver or reflect energies from the Sun. In early September Venus moved to Libra, a sign it is Lord of. This is Venus’s own sign. There have been positive comments from some astrologers about this, but we have held a doubt, as Venus is conjunct Saturn and Rahu. Saturn is exalted in Libra, and Rahu simply multiplies of the energy of Saturn. (Keep in mind that Saturn is seven times stronger than the Sun.) As Saturn and Rahu are natural malefic planets, Venus is afflicted and turns malefic while conjunct Saturn and Rahu. Although Saturn is friendly to Venus, Rahu treats Venus as an enemy.

The result of this influence of an exalted Saturn, multiplied by Rahu is a destruction of Venus’s ability to deliver contentment and harmonious relations. Venus continues to deliver energy, but the energy now has a malefic cast. Where Venus normally casts an influence of amorous activity, festivities, song and dance, these now turn to hostility, finger-pointing, accusations, suspicion and scorn. Libra is the natural 7th house, which rules – among other things – destruction of power, overthrow of enemy. Being the 8th from the 12th, it also rules fines, courthouses and pleadings, and the death of enemies. These are times of where nations are finely balanced between peace and intervention, civil disharmony and hostilities between groups within borders and across borders. The planetary influences might tip the balance. What are the remedies of such a unstable and perilous situation, what may we humans do about such influences? Are ants on the sands of the shores of an uncertain future? On this day, a message of opportunity – opportunity for making a better choice by the human race as a whole was received.

Here, we introduce the beings over-sighting our Universe, and all Universes. There are the Angelic Realms, wherein exist the Angels and the Hierarchy … a group of spirit beings which oversight activities in all the Universes, and the subtle universe, imperceptible to human knowing. Among the Hierarchy are Sanat Kumar, Alcheringa, Cosmic Sai Baba, the Ascended Masters Sananda, St Germain, El Morya, Kumthi, Seraphis Bey and many others. Yalarm – spelled Jalarm – is also a member of this Hierarchy and in recent times, has been giving account of the origins of human life on this planet and a history of this planet in The Mystery School.

Yalarm has given a message … from the Angelic Realms, where the Hierarchy reside. The number 666 is said to be evil. It is not; it is related to the movement of stars and planets, and in particular, the planet Venus. Yalarm goes on to describe how planetary influences impact on human affairs. The Humans are enchristed with the Crystal Energy; a work that was done with the majesty and collaboration with the Creative Source of All. At this time – a very serious time on planet Earth, – this planet is very susceptible to influences. Humans have a choice and it is up to them how they will use the energy of this influence. Read more of this message from the Angelic Realms and the Hierarchy, as given by Yalarm. (Click the “more” tag below…)

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Truth, Self Awareness and Rahu

Human Values and Astrology
Value:Truth; Sub-value: Self-Awareness
Planet (graha) Rahu – North Node

Rahu - Dragon's Head and North Node of Moon

Om nakadwajaaya vidmahe
padma hastaaya dheemahi
tanno rahu prachodayat

Understanding Rahu as a Planet

The North Node is known in Vedic Astrology as Rahu, and is considered a shadow planet, symbolised by a head. In the myth of the churning of the ocean of milk, the demon Swarbhanu stole a taste of the nectar of immortality and was decapitated by Lord Vishnu. Rahu is not actually a planet, rather a shadow planet, chhaya graha, the cause of eclipses of the Sun and Moon. Where Rahu eclipses the Sun and Moon, there is a similar eclipse of the light within the mind.

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Understanding the Fourth Dimension

Understanding the Fourth Dimension

The 3rd Dimension will mesh with the 4th Dimension.

The Earth, the planets in our solar system along with our own Sun—along with our entire galaxy—are all experiencing a transition to the Fourth Dimension. A sun in a solar system is the centre-point around which all other bodies rotate; our own solar system rotates around a central sun of this galaxy (known as Sagittarius A – possibly a dark star) which in turn is rotating around the central sun of all galaxies and universes – this Central Sun is larger than our own solar system. It is from THIS central sun that light is streaming forth – and a higher frequency is being passed to all galaxies and solar systems. Many worlds are partaking in this transition to a higher frequency.

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Cosmic Energy, Mother Energy, and the Fourth Dimension

Cosmic Energy

Om is the energy of creation, preservation, dissolution. It is an essence. It is everything. It is Absolute and it comes from nothing, it comes from the Void.

Cosmic Energy, the OM, is the basic form of energy in everything. It is in you, in your earth body and your brain. It is in your mind consciousness, your God consciousness – that is within you.

You are also easily influenced by this energy – but it is taken for granted. Everyone needs to think about this; and think about how it affects you and influences you. Everyone may acknowledge it … every day, every moment, every second of your life.

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