Note about Planetary War

planetary war

Mars is currently encountering Rahu, and under the astrological dicta, Sani vat Rahu (Rahu behaves like Saturn), some reckon that a time of tension occurs as these to graha - seizers of energy - approach conjunction and change houses. Both planets will be sandhi, that is, somewhat depleted of energy as they are within one degree of house - sign boundary. This is not graha yuddha, planetary war. This will pass quickly.

However, planetary war will take place when Mars moves out of sandhi into Libra and gets to within 1 degree of Saturn. Some astrologers have told that this will be months of doom and disaster in various places on our planet. Some have said, inter-alia, that the four horsemen of the apocalypse will ride, and the end of an age with all its dreadful appurtenances will occur. We examine this phenomena from a spiritual discipline.

Graha Yuddha is a Planetary war. It occurs when two planets are within one degree of each other, either in the same sign or in adjacent signs. Only five planets can participate: Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. Therefore, the conjunction of Mars and Rahu does not qualify as planetary war.

There are those who practice jyothish, astrology, in the public domain, and have told that this period of time when Mars is in the same sign as Saturn, is a time of international tension, conflict and planetary disaster. Predictions include floods, earthquakes, tornadoes and tempests. Others say that there will be a magnetic field flip, and the axis of rotation of the Earth will change, bringing further disasters. It is suggested that these are the signs of the end of an era - in Sanskrit, Yuga - and that God will appear in the skies and send his messengers to transform the Earth in to the peace of the Golden Age of mankind.

The problem with such predictions is that they are based on fear and multiply fear. Fear is

  • False
  • Expectations
  • Appearing
  • Real

Our attention is not directed towards that which is positive, life-enhancing, encouraging, enduring. The end of an era with famine, war, pestilence and death are all prophesied.

When we look to the physical events on Earth with the so-called "earth changes", Cosmic Sai Baba has indicated that the Earth has reached a turning point with the Solstice of 21 December 2012, when the world was supposed to end with the end of the Mayan Calendar. It was on this occasion that the planets, the solar system, galaxies and the arms of Universe - such as the Orion Arm (which our galaxy and solar system is part of) came into alignment with a core of Suns, reaching right back to the Central Sun of all Universes. A new energy was received, an energy of elevation and transformation. Our universe, our galaxy, our solar system received new, transformational energies of the 4th and 5th dimensions which will enable all forms of life - including the human - to return to their heritage and rightful place in the Universe as beings of the 4th and 5th dimensions.

The consciousness upon this earth is lifting and the struggle is from a much heavier energy that wants to hold on. But it is in knowledge that holding on, is let go, if it can put it that way – a raising of consciousness will take place in everybody upon this Earth.

Human beings have been given a marvellous gift; they are in control of their own consciousness and are free to determine the level of consciousness they will rise to in the human body. They have been given control of their own growth and consciousness. Humans choose the level they will rise to - or sink to. Humans have freedom of choice, and are free to manage their thoughts. Thoughts are critical, for thought creates reality. Our thoughts shape our lives, our experiences and the world we live in. Our thoughts manifest our energy.

As human beings have been given control of their consciousness and their growth, thoughts are important. Thoughts should be controlled, humans can choose to be positive, and give out positive energy, thoughts of love and light to all around them. The 'Golden Age' is where people will care for one another, look after one another and engage one another with respect for one another, and respect the differences in their way of thinking. Their way of thinking will no longer be to raise a sword or a gun to sort out a problem. Rather they will sit, and discuss issues and arrive at consensus or they will agree to disagree, but there will still be harmony.

There are other practitioners of Jyothish who look to the coming full moon in August and intimate that this is a period of extreme events. They cite "Mars going at Saturn in Libra" and "The planets will be at war with each other as Sun, Moon, Mercury Venus and Jupiter all occupy Cancer..."; one astrologer went on to say that the Moon is in opposition to Sun, Mercury, Venus and Jupiter. We find it hard to understand as Moon has no enemies as a planet! We hasten to point out that this is not a period of planetary war as defined in vedanga. Planetary war occurs when planets are within one degree of each other.

We said earlier that Fear is False Expectations Appearing Real, and that humans have been given a marvellous gift; they may raise or lower themselves - and their environment on Earth - by thought. Thoughts can be massive, powerful, change our personal energy fields, affect others, and even, affect the weather. Thoughts can also affect conflict-stricken areas of the Earth; we may respond with negativity, or we may train our minds to press the "Delete" button and remove the negative thoughts from our minds. We may even press the switch in our minds for "Love and Light" and send these to the conflict-ridden areas of our planet. We may also call for help from the higher realms.

We have been taught that everyone has angels to guide, guard and assist us on our path. Everyone has spirit guides, all have a personal divinity residing within, called Ishta Devata in Hinduism. Angels, in fact, have no abode, and may be present at any - or every - time and place. When we call upon angels, they come immediately to our assistance. Angels respond to our requests for help. Spirit Guides guide us along the path of life, and we may pray to our personal divinity within - who, as it is told in the Bible for example - resides in our inner room and hears every thought, every prayer, in secret. So we may call upon our Angels from anywhere in the known universes, we may call upon our spirit guides, we may pray for peace. All prayers are answered, in time and place.

We may change the course of events and the fears of many others over so-called planetary disasters with our thoughts. Thought, prayer, intention, love and light - these are powerful, these are heard, these are assisted by the swathes of angels, spirit guides, devas and the million gods of our heavens. Our world can and will be a much better place where there is no talk of war, no lifting of a weapon, no disharmony, but rather, sitting down and discussing our differences and agreeing to disagree, if that is what the case may be. We can and will live in the 4th and 5th Dimensions in love, peace and harmony, thus making real the Golden Age of humankind.


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