Note on Full Moon + Lunar Eclipse


A full moon is when the mind is at its strongest (the Moon is the presiding deity of the Mind); the lunar energies are strongest (the Higher Cosmic Beings recommend this time of Full Moon as the best time for prayers in common, group prayers for the welfare of all the worlds) and eclipses are times of transformation - internal transformation within the human, particularly where Ketu and Rahu are concerned; this full Moon is conjunct Ketu, the Sun is conjunct Rahu. So a significant time is upon us from the perspectives of astronomy, astrology and the psyche.

The full moon occurs when the Sun and Moon are on opposite sides of the Earth, in occupation of opposite signs of the zodiac. As we follow the Vedic (Indian) astrology, then this month’s full Moon is in Pisces, while the Sun (along with Venus and Rahu) are all in Mercury’s sign of Virgo. Venus is combust the Sun until 4 December and depleted of refinement and gracefulness; meanwhile, Venus is in parivarthana with friend Mercury (adjacent in Libra) and thus, exchange of lordship occurs between these planetary friends. The nakshatras (houses of the moon) involved in this full Moon are Uttarabhadara for the Moon and Hasta (ruled by Moon) for the Sun. Uttarabhadra is ruled by Saturn, and Saturn asks - nay - demands self-discipline and self control in seeking the true goals of life. The Sun will be in Hasta, ruled by Moon (and in 4th step or pada and ruled by Moon.

Full Moon means full strength. The mind will be replete with fast-moving thoughts, and thoughts are energy. As Vedic Astrology is vedanga - limb of the Vedas - we attend to vedic teaching about thoughts: thoughts create your reality. Ditto the planets, they may raise us up, or pull us down. So it is full important that we are aware of our throughts at this time. Where the Sun normally damages a sign, strength of mind is the key here. Moon is presiding deity of the mind. That which has been the habitual patterns of the mind (the assocations of the mind which are the strongest) will be pushed to the fore. Where these are destructive desires, extra effort to manage desire will be necessary for the duration of this eclipse.

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Both Rahu and Ketu shed their malevolence and behave as benefics in the signs of Mercury (Gemini and Virgo) and the signs of Jupiter (Sagittarius and Pisces). In planetary strength, Jupiter is absolutely dominating the chart at this time of eclipse. Observe that exalted Jupiter is in trine with Mars and Ketu, so Jupiter is not only Lord of the sign Ketu and Moon are in, but also, absolutely bestowing benefices - spiritual in nature, on a spiritual house concerned with end things. Note this nakshatra the Moon is in is ruled by Saturn, fixed in nature and is excellent for meditation, solitude, research and spiritual effort - all things Ketu revels in. It is not a time of losing the mind, but rather, as Jesus taught, losing for the sake of finding that which is Truth. Sathyam moolam jagat, Truth is the basis of the Universe.

Rahu and Ketu reside in the dark of the psyche. Ketu is a karmic repository, a reservoir awaiting discovery. Rahu is a multiplier, and has the task of moving that which is in the repository into the light of day, into the light of action and discovery. Eclipses are points of transformation; Rahu and Ketu have shed their malevolence and are behaving as benefics. The transformation of the eclipses are that which is in darkness is brought out into the light. In this instance, we are likely to find that Rahu and Ketu bring benefits in this time of eclipse, benefits to humanity as a whole. We could go on and discuss the negative things that are occurring at this time, but that would only feed the negativity. There is enough foolishness on our television screens at this time in feeding frenzy on the clash between ideology and the right; we shall leave this alone.

Because thought is energy, and what goes around comes around. As above (the energy of thoughts in our atmosphere), so below. So we look instead to the benefices of Rahu (multiplying Sun and Venus energies - multiplying Venus moreso as Venus is temporarily Lord of Virgo - which is suggestive that in this time of the 4th and 5th Dimension, this eclipse will be a time when love is mulitplied on all levels. As Ketu seeks love as the embodiment of moksha, liberation, in Pisces, the house of final things, then we may see self-love (or its lack) brought to the fore in a rather rushed fashion. We may be confronted with our inner loves, attachments, bondings, and be exposed to their utility or blockage on our path to growth as a full person, embodiment of love.

There is another mattter. That of the Rainbow Children. We are all born into conditioned consciousness, we are all born with a soul blue-print, and the planets, which reflect and refract light into our bodies, do affect us as they are charged to do by the Creative Source of All. Our light bodies are of a certain frequency, a certain vibration. Rainbow Children, on the other hand, are open to and receive the full spectrum of light frequency. Light is more verdant in the 4th and 5th dimensions, it has more tone, vibration and frequency than what is experienced in this 3 dimensional time and space. Not so for Rainbow Children who are open to these frequencies, from birth. This eclipse, a point of light - darkness - light heralds changes for the Rainbow Children.

The Rainbow Children will grow into their soul choices in these times of the 4th and 5th Dimensions as more of this energy is fed into the Earth through the Stargates. There is much protection of Earth from plasma and ejecta from the Sun at this time, with major flares and CME ejections occurring away from the Earth facing side of the Sun. As the 4th and 5th Dimensions feed the energies of Ascension, and ascension is the rightful reclaiming of man's natural abilities in full, then we may take up our inheritance at this time of Full Moon eclipse and take full advantage of the energies being brought into the light as it were. We may also take the energies of the Full Moon and turn to the Creative Source of All, in service of Mother Earth, and all forms of life on (and in) this planet.

Eclipse Notes that which is magnified...

It is well known in astrological circles that eclipses have effect not only on the mind, but also on the fire within, the digestion, and there is a spiritual dimension to eclipses also. Prayers, mantras, rosaries, anything that is offered up is multiplied manifold during the time of the eclipse. Prayer, Meditation, sending light and healing to the Earth, to all peoples in all dimensions on Earth during an eclipse is multiplied 100,000 times. Hence, it is good to take the opportunity of this full moon - eclipse and seek to clear the wall of darkness within the intellectual and spiritual domains of the human. Rules are not important; intention, and the motivation within the heart is what is important. Offer some time for the spiritual welfare of all on this planet, and allow the Higher Cosmic Beings to take this energy where it is most needed at this point in time. Multiplied 100,000 times, mankind and those who live in fear and suffering, would benefit from your effort.


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