A Note on Eclipses


Mid April of 2004 is a time when the Solar New Year is immediately followed by a lunar eclipse; 14 days later there will be a solar eclipse. The day of the lunar eclipse is also the festival of Hanuman - the first Star-being who over-sighted this planet (and cared for it) and also the Varnara who served Lord Rama, the one who loved God the most. Between these eclipses, the Cardinal Grand Cross will occur in the heavens. These are significant events accompanying the return of the 4th Dimension. In this post, we will take a look at the importance of this Solar New Year, the significance of Hanuman immediately following, and give some astrological observations about eclipses.

Solar New Year

In Jyothish (vedic astrology), the Solar New Year arrives when the Sun enters Aries, the first house in the zodiac. In most instances (depending on where your Sunrise takes place) the Sun is in the 12th house, a house that signifies spiritual awareness, detachment from matters of the world and places of confinement. To some degree, many have been experiencing this confinement in their everyday lives, for our solar system has been passing through the flow of a "wall of darkness". This has been mentioned in other places. We explore the effects of this wall of darkness coupled with our Solar New Year.

Many years ago, perhaps in the early days of awakening in the New Age movement, the times of the 11-11 portal openings, many seers and visionaries were reporting that a time of three days of darkness was to come; there would be no light, no electricity, and humanity would be living in darkness. As most of humanity would be in ignorance of this, this was expected to be a time of terror and extreme reactions by persons unable to cope with such a catastrophe, as some would call this. It is now understood that in the last three months, this "wall of darkness" has occluded the light, and darkened the inner light to some extent in the social, intellectual, physical and spiritual domains of the person.

This wall of darkness is passing as we have been advised (see the link above), and the first aspect of this passing of darkness is the lunar eclipse of 15 April 2014. Lunar eclipses cast an internal shadow on the mind, for the Moon is the presiding deity of the mind. Therefore one should take strategy to retain possession of discrimination and detachment, and due the proximity of Ketu to the Sun, not get involved in any mass activity or movements. As this is the festival of Hanuman, Star-being and servant of the Lord Kosala, Sri Rama, one may look to the protection of Hanuman on this occasion.

Anjaneya blessing

Hanuman was - is a Star Being, and the one who loved God Most.
In his hand is the name Sri Rama in sanskrit language.

Why do we look to Hanuman, the Varnara who served Lord Rama? We have been advised that Hanuman not only led battles on behalf the Rama Avatar thousands of years ago, but also - in his Star Being form, hundreds of thousands of years ago, led battles against those who would seek to control the Earth itself, when the planet was being formed. You may read more about this here. It has also been shared, that as Star Being who visited the Earth, Hanuman also gifted the star-peoples DNA to the up-standing ape who would then evolve to become the first humans. So there is not only a subtle, spiritual link to the energies of Hanuman – the immortal servant of Rama, but also to the pre-existent (and still existing) Hanuman who gave protection to the Earth. We may seek the protection of Hanuman on this day of lunar eclipse and the passing-over of the wall of darkness in the human mind. This is a spiritual passover, needing a spiritual resolution.

It is not without interest that Hanuman is frequently portrayed as extremely tall. It has been shared that in the days before the Fall of Atlantis, there were many civilisations on Earth, and these came from different stars. There were many cities started by star-people, and these were 4th dimensional beings of differing appearance and height. Sai Baba once shared that Lord Rama was over 60 feet tall, and hence, this is the reason for the prevalence of statues of Hanuman being so tall.

Anjaneya statue

Tall Hanuman image at Rourkela. It is situated within a large complex of temples known as "Hanuman Vatika"

Hanuman Stotram

Akshadhi rakshasa haram, Dasa kanda darpa,
Nirmoolanam, Raghuvarangri saroja bhaktham,
Seetha vishahya Ghana dukha nivarakam tham,
Vayo sutha, galitha bhanu maham namami

I salute Him, who shines like the Sun,
Who killed Rakshasas like Aksha,
Who destroyed the pride of the ten headed,
Who is the devotee of lotus feet of Rama,
Who removed the great sorrow of Sita,
And who is the son of Wind God.

Maama pasya pasya dayaya nija drushti pathair,
Maam raksha raksha paritho ripu dukha punjaan,
Vasyam kuru trijagatham vasudadhi paanaam,
May dehi dehi mahatheem vasudhaam sriyam cha.

Please see, see me with real feeling of mercy,
Please save, save me from the hands of enemies,
Make my slave the three worlds and their kings,
And please give, give me wealth and fame.

Aapadbhyo raksha sarvathra, aanjaneya namosthuthe,
Bandhanam cchedhaya muktha kapi varya , namosthuthe.

Salutations to son of Anjana,
please always save me from danger,
Salutations o the great monkey,
please cut of my bondage and release me.

May dehi sampadho nithyam trilochana, namosthuthe,
Dushta rogaan hana hana Rama dhootha namosthuthe.

Salutations to the three eyed one,
please daily save from dangers,
Salutations to the emissary of Rama,
kill, kill serious diseases.

Uchataya ripoon sarvaan, mohanam kuru bhoobhujaam,
Vidweshino maaraya thwam trinethrathmaka sarvada.

Always, cast thy spell on my enemies,
make all kings love me,
And kill all those who hate me,
Oh, son of the three eyed one.

Sanjeeva parvathoddhara, mama dukhaan nivaraya,
Ghoraan upadhravan nasaya, Aksha suranthaka.

He who carried the Sanjeevini mountain,
please remove my sorrows,
Killer of the asura called Aksha,
I pray you destroy awful troubles.

Markatesa mahothsaha, Sarva soka vinasaka,
Sathroon samhara maam raksha, sriyam dathwacha maam hara.

Lord of all monkeys who is exuberant,
destroy all my sorrows,
Save me by killing all my enemies
and protect me by giving wealth.

Evam sthuthwa hanumantham, nara sradha samanwitha,
Puthra pouthradhi sahitha, sarvaan kamaan vapunuyath.

If anyone pray Lord Hanuman
thus with devotion,
They would realise all their wishes
along with their sons and daughters, their grandchildren.

Eclipse Notes

It is well known in astrological circles that eclipses have effect not only on the mind, but also on the fire within, the digestion, and there is a spiritual dimension to eclipses also. Prayers, mantras, rosaries, anything that is offered up is multiplied manifold during the time of the eclipse. This Solar New Year is time energies from the Central Sun of our galaxy (in Moola nakshatra) flow through to your mind and body. The Sun is debilitated, and during this debilitation, there will be an influx of new light energies to heretofore unknown places within the human. This resolves to light activation of the 4th and 5th Dimensional bodies in the coming year. Prayer, Meditation, sending light and healing to the Earth, to all peoples in all dimensions on Earth during an eclipse is multiplied 100,000 times. Hence, it is good to take the opportunity of this day of festival and celebration of Hanuman, and pray Hanuman Chalisa (or Hanuman Stotra given above) for protection, spiritual advance, and clearing of the wall of darkness within the intellectual and spiritual domains of the human. Don't go out and look at the eclipse, this nullifies the transformation within.

pada of Hanuman

The size of Hanuman compared with the size of the human ...


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