Rahu-Ketu Transit and the Gunas


Very shortly after the opening of the 4th Dimension and the return of the Earth to this -- and higher dimensions in our solar system -- a small, invisible, transition among the shadowy planets will take place. Shadowy planets -- called chaaya grahas -- are not seen. They are points of magnetic force which have impact in our solar system and on our Earth. Our bodies are woven from light itself, from the very source of light (called Paramjyothi in Vedic literature). We are in fact the light of the Source and the mask of illusion, called Maya, causes us to see this world as real. In fact everything that happens in this world and in our lives on Earth are taking place in light. So we look to the light and its role in our lives.

There is light within the human being. It is the source of animation, the soul force which enlivens the body. Light is spread within our bodies. Shadowy planets -- the chaaya grahas -- Rahu and Ketu -- block the outer light at certain times (called eclipses), and cause streaming of light to our bodies to behave in a certain manner at other times. As our bodies are actually sheathed in light, blockages of light to the body and changes to the delivery of light causes eruptions of the energies within. These eruptions are largely at the mercy of our gunas - energy forces within us - which give us our basic impulses to action, to peace, to restfulness.

The two shadowy planets -- Rahu and Ketu, always move backwards (called retrograde in astronomy and astrology), and thus have a very slow backwards motion in astrology when all the other planets are moving forward, for most of the time.

On the other hand, the gunas are fruit of our karma from the past, and actually cause our body, our mind and its energies. Krishna tells in the Bhagavad Gita,

Lord Krishna speaks about gunas

"All life evolves from the differentiating power of three forces or strands in nature; sattva (purity, light, calmness), rajas (passion, action), and tamas (ignorance, darkness, inertia).

"Everyone, Arjuna, has all three forces within them in differing proportions and will, as I have mentioned, exhibit the type of behaviour that is in accord with their predominating guna. Thus, the gunas explain why you think, feel, speak, and act as you do. This is the entire map. The sattvic person (a rare type) will be calm and harmonised. Rajasic persons (certainly the majority) are full of restless energy. Tamasic people (also quite common) will be lethargic, indolent, and unmotivated to act.

So there are basic impulses to action within, and in astrology, the signs, houses, planets and constellations (called Nakshatras in Vedic Astrology) have this nature of guna as well. All these, signs, houses, planets and constellations influence the balance and predominance of the gunas within every human being. Indeed, they also influence nature, the various kingdoms (mineral, plant, animal) nations, the oceans, and the elements. All these parts of nature contain these gunas and are influenced by their action. This influence is felt in astrology also; the signs, houses, planets and constellations are all influenced by these gunas.

Lord Krishna continues, in Chapter 14 of the Bhagavad Gita

"The objective of life is to reshape one's character upward in pursuit of a higher ideal - changing from indolence or inertia (tamas) into passionate effort (rajas), and then channelling that into calmness (sattva).

"Of these forces, sattva, being pure, provides an unobstructed view of Atma (the Soul). But even here a problem can arise when one finds pleasure in sacred knowledge and begins yearning for it. Any pleasure, even good pleasure, creates attachment and subsequent desire. All attachments, even golden ropes, bind the individual to the pain and sadness of the material world.

"Desireful action is the very nature of rajas, the second guna. Desire goads one into action and creates a sense of doership in the mind. It spawns a thirst for acquiring and clinging to worldly things - to people and sensations that attract the senses. As fuel feeds fire, rajas breed attachments to action and its fruit. This attachment turns on itself, bringing greed and greed's close relative, anger.

"Tamas (literally darkness) is saturated with ignorance and instills nothing but indolence and stupor. This guna bewilders people, stealing their capacity for work (their rajasic energy) as well as their composure (their sattvic calmness).

"So, Arjuna, sattva ties the calm person to joy, rajas bind active doers to incessant activity, and tamas fastens indolent people to delusion and sloth. Over the course of a day all three gunas ebb and flow within each person. Sattva rises to the fore by overpowering rajas and tamas. Rajas rules when sattva and tamas are weak. Tamas prevails when the other two qualities lie dormant and yield to lethargy.

Transit of Nodes

Rahu and Ketu, the two chaaya grahas (shadowy planets) are about to change signs, where they will remain for the next 14 months. This change has individual, social, national and planetary impact.


Ketu moves into a fire sign, Aries, and sends fire to the Earth and fire to consciousness. This will be provocative. This will provoke people into action; it will fire persons to a higher consciousness, unawares. People are not expecting action. It will also provoke governments into action, provoke nations into action, raise the fire element within the Earth itself and provoke changes in the Earth's crust.

While this appears to be a form of burning or purification, the outcome is gold; humanity now lives in a Golden Age. When gold is handed to a goldsmith, you leave the gold in the hands of the goldsmith and let him get on with the task. The goldsmith must then fire the gold, melt it to remove impurities, and then pour it, beat it and reshape it to its desired form. Ketu is in nakshatra called Krittika, a soft place, a dreadful place, a place of loss, a place where burning and purification take place. Ketu in Aries, is the planetary goldsmith.

Rahu, the disposer of uncontrollable events, handles fire. Rahu is in the nakshatra called Vishaka, ruled by the deity Indragni, the god of lightning and fire. The saying is "As above, so below"; as above, Rahu is plowing, cultivating; the harvest and the fruits of the harvest are purification and a clarified intellect.

As we seek to live in the Fourth Dimension and seek to understand our lives and our place in the Fourth Dimension several questions come to mind. Readers may wish to reflect and strive to seek the answers for themselves:

  • What does the Fourth Dimension mean for the Earth?
  • What does the Fourth Dimension mean for the Human Heart?
  • What does the Fourth Dimension mean for the Mind?
  • What does the Fourth Dimension add to the way we make meaning in our lives?
  • What does the Fourth Dimension mean for social interaction?

This last question about social interaction is most important, for transits of Ketu and Rahu generate unanticipated social interactions. Just as the gunas are impulses to action and we may think we are in charge of our minds and our actions, the influence of Ketu and Rahu are like eruptions. The gunas are struck by fire into unanticipated action. Rahu is the disposer of uncontrollable events; Ketu is disposer of internal stability and stasis, a self-created harmony (at whatever inner mental cost,internal grinding and friction) between self and the world. Remember, this world is light, and Ketu - Rahu interrupt the transmission of light to our body-mind-spirit complex.

White Orb

Things cannot stay the same. New dimensions have been opened, like portals, and the new energies, new frequencies are distributed to all forms of life on Earth. The mineral, plant, and animal kingdoms all receive this new energy, as does humanity. It is not possible for people to do things the way they have always done them; with the heightened energies of the Fourth Dimension, higher faculties are available within which have impact on the mind-body-spirit complex. People will have different experiences, different knowledges, visions, hearings, knowings. This time is called Ascension, and everyone will experience this Ascension.

We are no longer playing in the darkness of the past; we have been called out into the light, the light of higher consciousness - Ascension means each and every person will have their own contact with the Source. The submission of will and intellect and faith to external bodies (such as religious institutions, faith-systems and cults) no longer has to continue. Ascension has given us the tools to make our own connection to Source. We will all be creating new paths for ourselves.

The Path

Religion is an institution with organised beliefs. Spirituality is an experience.

Spirituality does not require you to believe anything. Rather, it continually invites you to notice your experience. Your personal experience becomes your authority, rather than something someone else has told you.

Religion principally consists of guides and signposts to the AFTERLIFE - a place we are all going to. As such, religions offer codes and principles to practice and live by which (ought to) get you to the Afterlife; this path, up this mountain.

It is up to you to look at your own experience - that is, everyday experience and evaluate what works for you. Knowledge and spiritual teachings only have value if it enriches you and opens your heart to turn towards God. It is not enough to know. It is necessary to practice and draw conclusions from daily life.

Order out of Chaos

Compulsions of the gunas, discontent, radical change, seeking the spiritual life; these are the tasks of Ketu and Rahu as we move into the Fourth Dimension. Many people say "If it ain't broke, don't fix it"; seeking to maintain the status quo. With this gift of light from the Source, we are called to "let your light shine before men and women". So any laziness of living with the status quo has to go. Ketu and Rahu bring fire to human consciousness, fire to the mind, and illuminate that which has been in darkness – lifetime after lifetime. The Fourth Dimension is a dimension of discovery of higher consciousness, of higher faculties within, which may generate fears, reactions and tensions. How do we resolve this?

The key is to live in the light, and to see yourselves as beings of light, capable of enlightenment (re-sourced with light) and capable of giving light to one and all. Clear your minds and hearts of clutter, clear out the old, just as you clear out the wardrobes of old clothes. Make room for the new, and seek your birthright connection with the Source, however you name it, live and love with Source.

With the higher frequencies of the Fourth Dimension, the transit (peyarchi) of Ketu and Rahu actually do make room within us for the new. Time is aligning with the higher frequencies. Time is a man-made linear construct. Take time, examine every situation calmly, do not haste, waste, worry. Calmly examine your confrontations and challenges. Seek the guidance of Source, your higher consciousness. And then, apply your common sense to these eruptions. Ketu and Rahu - of their nature, have a task to bring in the new, to break the stranglehold of the status quo, and the way things "should" be done. Seek your own connection to Source, and seek a new solution. Remember, always, spirituality is an experience, you should examine your experiences and evaluate what works and what does not work, and so apply new discrimination to how you live your life.

Living and choosing to live your life in such a fashion is similar to what Lord Krishna spoke of earlier. The seek to rise above the base gunas, the tamasic inertia, the rajasic activity to the sattwic calm consideration and application of wisdom. Such is a path home to the Light from which we have emerged.


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