Solar New Year and 4th Dimension – Part 2

(This is Part Two of a letter to my friend, Gandhi. Gandhi is his nickname due his remarkable resemblance to the late Mahatma Gandhi. “Gandhi” lives in Puttaparthi, and asked me about the forthcoming Solar New Year. In the last post, I began with a general overview of the Sun’s dispersion of rays, and how this energy is being checked or throttled by Saturn and Rahu, and how the 4th Dimension energy continue to flow to us with checks and balances. )

Dear Gandhi,
you wrote to me and asked about the Solar New Year and what it might have in store for you. In my last letter, I explained how the Sun is vargottama in 14 divisions and what this means. There are checks and balances brought by Saturn and Rahu, and Mars is depleted, in combustion being so close to the Sun; Mars is weakened to the tune of 95% so there are changes in the way strength and force are used. Social networking, social relationships are in for a marked change due this combustion of Mars.

Another important aspect of this Solar New Year is that in the same house (Aries) with the Sun are Mars, Venus and Ketu. We have spoken about the how Mars is weak, and this is something of a metaphor of the two fans that I mentioned earlier. I wrote about this in Planting the Seeds of the Golden Age.

Black Fan, White Fan

In that post, I talked about how the black ceiling fan represents the energies, archetypes, thought-forms and mass-energies over nations from the past, and is still spinning at high speed; this combust Mars suggests that the older, negative energies are being considerably depleted, and we may take advantage of this to change our thoughts, change our habitual patterns of thinking and making choices.

Taking this opportunity for change helps speed up the rotation of the white ceiling fan. We can flood this Earth with healing, blessing, light and love in our daily meditation, prayers, songs and ceremonies. Whenever we do this, you and I, we change the energies in that tapestry of negativity surrounding the Earth. Do remember that Phyllis Krystal talked about that tapestry? We place some light in that, we place some healing in that, we place dissipation in that tapestry with all our positive thoughts.

You will recall, dear Gandhi, that I mentioned two other planets that are there in Aries with the Sun (we call this conjunction with the Sun). We have this uniquely strong sun releasing an incredible amount of energy. It is literally bursting with these energies of the 4th Dimension. Well, one of the roles of Ketu, is to burst the bunds, break the banks (and the sandbanks, as we well know from sandbagging the local river a bit further up the road. The pub burned down soon after, what an inauspicious omen!) … yea, break the banks: that is what Ketu does.

Ketu – out of his cave

Ketu is a bit like the mystic, the seer, the prophet in a cave. Getting him out of the cave can be a bit of a problem, for, Ketu likes the familiar, the distance, the space away from others. Things can be real secure the way Ketu sets them up. But you know, Ketu does come out now and then (not just for eclipses — I told you not to go outside during the last eclipse — and look what happened to you, we got you to hospital just in time! Well, it was all better after the operation, all fixed up… )

Our friend Ketu really blessed you that time. Meanwhile Ketu’s job is actually to come out of his cave and make things happen, make changes, push back the boundaries of our humanness. He pushes back the boundaries of that which I understand (or imagine – Ketu can be very vague) to be my experience, what you understand to be your experience. So Ketu is coming out for some of this very strong light and is going to use it to push back the boundaries of humanness. The Sun conjunct Venus and Ketu means new form of artisan elegance, new forms of community development, new forms of social cohesion are headed our way. Ketu is also part of this retarding, this holding back — well, he can obliterate and obstruct light from reaching us from time to time… as you found out in hospital. You woke up and I was standing beside the surgeon holding a bright light over you… )

Bright lights aside, Ketu is there with Venus as well. They have got a job – together – as they are conjunct – these two planetary friends are going to show us the way forward, how collaboration, peace-making and networking will proceed from now on. We can take up the seeds of the Golden Age and make it all happen with the help of these two planets. Ketu and Venus will temper this energy and help us to build new ways of utilising strengths of the human in decision making. It could even be a recovery of the older, feminine way of community decision making where the needs of all the community are taken into account before arriving at consensus. There is a marked increase in Nonviolent communication among light-workers. This is the way forward.

And Venus …

Venus, I hear you ask? Alack, your disposer of the bedroom pleasures is 65% combust the Sun. Tsk, tsk, tsk, it is all over, finito, done! Find new ways to be with Venus, worshipping the Mother, Durge, Lakshmi, Saraswathi — and Bhumi Devi, the Earth our Mother — along with singing, music, dance, painting, poetry, opera, all these classical ways of having contentment and reaching the glories of what we humans can create! Remember that day when Swami told, “God loves Music”? I know you like this, I have had to drag you home time and again. Can’t get you away from that, can’t we?

And there’s another thing about Ketu, mystic, prophet, visionary: the Sun has an impact on Ketu also, confusing people, making them wonder about the change in themselves. They will wonder about what many will call ‘psychic experiences’, clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience and clairgnosis. As we discussed earlier, the angels have no fixed abode, and have access everywhere, everywhen, and are available to help. All we have to do is ask for help and it is given immediately.

The emerging psyche within

More and more people will receive these experiences, and perhaps, remember, or be drawn to places where they had a past where they were using these skills, as healers, as communicators, as teachers, and as vaidyas, doctors. They will visit places where there is a charge of sacred energy or a portal where energy has flowed in the past. They will arrive at the locations where sacred honouring of the Source of All, the Creator, has taken place in the past.

All the planets are amsas of the Kalapurusha, the body of the divine. The divine is at work here. You could think of God as a consciousness that brings changes as ‘growth’ takes place. Growth is happening with everyone upon this Earth—including Mother Earth herself—and all the beings that live upon her.

Saturn from the Moon

You could say there is an expansion of consciousness happening. Jupiter and the Moon in the second house signify this kind of wealth of growth in Consciousness. Jupiter, known in vedic astrology as Guru is priest, educator and jurist. Where human consciousness is a duality, the Moon brings this stonger sense of duality, with fixed ideas about earthly life. This is all about to change. The Moon is the presiding deity of the Mind and the Mind is about to expand, to take up the so-called “Junk DNA”, what is sometimes called non-coding dna, and recover skills and abilities that have not been used since the fall of Atlantis. The Moon in Vrishika, the second house, will provide a grounding of a new reality that humans will begin to experience.

Jupiter, whom we call Guru or Brihaspati in Vedic Astrology, here in the second house (conjunct the moon) exerts a powerful significance and impact on the mind. Guru, the priest, the preceptor, the lawmaker, in this house increases wealth by way of opportunities for learning of spiritual matters. Life in any society or culture is not about the standard of life, how many houses have been built, how fast the Internet or the local Wi-Fi is, how much consumers can save or spend. It is about a standard of living, which is the foundation of happiness, satisfaction, serenity and contentment.

These are the things Jupiter is significator of. Dear Gandhi, you are very happy with your simple abode, you can wash and dry your own clothes and cook at home if you wish — or eat out with friends. You don’t have much but you are happy, for you follow your values and your spiritual practices, as do I. So we seek to maintain a standard of living, for the size of the bank balance (while important at times) is not the indicator of our standard of living. When we take care within and maintain an inner balance of conscious, conscience, conciousness, then life takes care of us wherever we are. This we know and have confidence in.

So the Moon and Jupiter in the second house bring this expansion of mind account new spiritual thoughts and psychic growth, and provide the grounding and balance needed. The Moon earths and grounds in the old, familiar ways: Ketu is pushing back the boundaries. New forms of grounding and balance are needed. Moon and Jupiter provide expansion within and the stability without to continue this expansion with common sense, groundedness and confidence. Moreover, Jupiter in the Navamsha multiplies this as he is in the 4th house of learning and brings even further opportunities for spiritual growth coupled with purity of mind.

Take what Saturn and Rahu have to give:

Over in the seventh house, in Tula, the air sign, we have Saturn and Rahu, both with their hegemony of control and delays, aspecting everything in the first house, slowing things down. As a combined force, they put the brakes on that inflow of energy; they slow down that release of energies through the stargates, and if we take advantage of what it is they offer here, they also put the brakes on minds getting out of control. I know you reckon this is not the role of these two planets, but, remember, the rays simply pass on through the planets, combined, recombined, and it is up to us how we take up and use these rays within.

We can be our own victims — something I know you detest — or we can take things into our own hands, change our attitudes and change what it is we seek within. If we seek balance in all things, then we are utilising the positive side of these two planets well known for sudden reversals, sudden changes, and woe-is-me!

This time, as signified by the solar new year brings much social change, change in relationships, change in patterns of conflict resolution and the opportunities to ground and integrate the expansion of consciousness. There is also the opportunity for social cohesion, as Saturn and Rahu are putting the brakes on desires and wants. We can turn from selfishness to selflessness and do community service, participating, even co-creating this time of social change.

Saturn and Rahu – neutral with Jupiter, provide time and space for Jupiter to do his work. Spiritual opportunities brought on by Jupiter include reclaiming man’s inheritance from the past along with forgotten mental and spiritual capacities – in disuse and disrepair from the fall of Atlantis. All this needs time for integration. Time, space, and the development of inner consciousness — the creation of space for reflection and growth within — instead of frustration, aggravation, disturbance. These are the ways we can profit from the offerings of Saturn conjunct Rahu.

Consciousness is not necessarily something you would imagine as being spoken. It is a pattern; a pattern of on-going regenerative energy that takes place upon this Earth. And that energy is affecting everyone upon this Earth.

But with the Alignment of Suns there is an Ascension taking place which is ascending into a different vibrant frequency. This is where people will need assistance to understand what is happening to them. Saturn and Rahu provide delay, restriction, and the opportunity to turn within and without so people may find resources or other persons to explain to them what it is happening, so that they have no fear and move with that change. They need to grow. There is a new ‘growth’ coming upon this Earth and it is leading into the Golden Age.

Dear Gandhi,
alack, I am not done! We have yet to look at the young Crown Prince, Mercury, and then the Navamsha chart. More to come!


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