Visiting Puttaparthi

For many years, we visited Puttaparthi, the ashram of Sri Sathya Sai Baba. The first time we went, there were sands, the afternoon sun would fry us in Darshan, and the crowds were small – or so we thought.

We have written many times about our visits to Prashanti Nilayam, called the Abode of Highest Peace. At one time we wrote Letters from Home, a collection of narratives of Darshan of Sri Sathya Sai Baba. (You can download this here).

Now the Lord has left his physical form, and is with us in his light-body, and most certainly, with us in Puttaparthi when we take darshan of the Sai Samadhi, his final resting place. HE is not limited to a physical body like you and me; rather, he is all times, all places, past, present and future. He is the ALL, the Creative Source of the All, and graces with his presence in Prashanti Nilayam, to all those who visit.

What follows below are narratives of a short stay in Prashanti Nilayam, one year after Sai Baba’s departure from physical form.


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